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Delivering effortless guitar sound on live shows supporti...
AEA R92s on tour with Colt Ford
Delivering effortless guitar sound on live shows supporting Eric Church

Pasadena, CA. Country rapper Colt Ford has selected a pair of AEA R92 ribbon mics to deliver the electric guitar sound for his shows supporting Eric Church's sold-out Blood, Sweet, and Beers Canada tour. Front of House engineer Michael Zuehsow reports: "I've always been a fan of ribbon mics on guitars but haven't made too many attempts at using them live. I am currently using the R92 exclusively at Front of House for guitars with basically flat EQs and highpass filters. We easily found a great placement on the Weber cabinets and got a huge, controlled sound right out of the box. Every dynamic and condenser mic we've used, I've been spending quite a bit of soundcheck time trying to accurately reproduce what the speakers are putting out. Now it is effortless and musical. And not to mention we've had the best support from the guys at AEA."

The ease of positioning and the great sound straight out of the box not only streamline Zuehsow's job, but the R92s also provide a better monitor sound for the musicians as monitor engineer Tony Galyon describes: "The R92s have drastically changed how we hear the guitars in our UE11s in-ear monitors. The guitarists no longer ask me to tweak their guitars anymore in their monitors because of how well the R92s represent their speaker cabinets."

Colt Ford guitarist Brad Henderson sums it up: "My guitar used to sound good. Now with the R92, it sounds like the Hammer of Thor continuously pummeling you in the nether regions. And that's awesome!"

The R92 microphone is part of AEA's Big Ribbon family sharing the same transformer and ribbon dimensions with the iconic R44. The R92's proximity effect is well balanced for close-up use making it ideally suitable for amplifier, instrument, and vocal miking applications. A flexible positioning system and integrated shockmount make the R92 a breeze to setup and use.

(Pictured left to right: Tony Galyon, monitor engineer; Colt Ford, Michael Zuehsow, FOH engineer.)

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