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“With any acoustic instrument that you record, you have some kind of ambience happening. Any electric instrument, when it’s direct, doesn’t have any ambience at all. So for me the challenge is not to try to simulate the acoustic sound, but to simulate some of the aspects of an acoustic sound.”- bassist Michael Manring

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What DAW do you use?


From December 10-20, 2012, McDSP offers all customers 40%...
McDSP: 40% Off Emerald Pack And Project Studio Sale
From December 10-20, 2012, McDSP offers all customers 40% off Emerald Pack bundles and Emerald Pack upgrades! Emerald Pack includes the 6030 Ultimate Compressor, Analog Channel, Channel G, Channel G Compact, CompressorBank, DE555, FilterBank, FutzBox, MC2000, ML4000, NF575, and Revolver.

Project Studio Sale - Available Dec. 3-20

If you haven't taken advantage of this amazing deal yet, there is still time! Available until December 20, 2012, purchase Project Studio for just $39! That's right, get the Project Studio bundle (5 plug-ins) for less than $8 per plug-in! McDSP's legendary FilterBank EQ, powerful CompressorBank, mind-blowing ML4000 mastering limiter, versatile Revolver convolution reverb, and the secret sauce of Analog Channel are all included!

Project Studio includes five plug-ins: Analog Channel LE, CompressorBank LE, FilterBank LE, ML4000 LE, Revolver LE

*LE plug-ins only work in Pro Tools (RTAS)

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