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German-based studio-monitor manufacturer EVE Audio announ...
TruNorth Music And Sound Distributes EVE Audio In North America
German-based studio-monitor manufacturer EVE Audio announced today that TruNorth Music and Sound has been appointed as its exclusive North American distributor.

"We have looked exhaustively for a suitable EVE partner in North America", says Kerstin Mischke, EVE's VP of Sales and Marketing. "Fortunately, our paths crossed with TruNorth, and it became immediately clear that our search had ended. Jeff and his crew understand perfectly our brand values; their focus and marketing excellence will be instrumental in helping us to achieve our goals and deliver our cutting edge monitors to the vital North American market".

"We consider ourselves truly fortunate to have earned the privilege of marketing and distributing EVE Audio products in the USA and Canada". states TruNorth President Jeff Sazant. "Our core purpose is to identify new brands with best-in-class potential, and to assist in the realization of those brands' success. EVE Audio is poised to become an important player in the studio monitor segment. EVE's president Roland Stenz has designed some very impressive speakers!"

From a recent EVE Audio press release:

EVE Audio SC305 and SC307 shipping

EVE Audio has begun shipping their three-way systems SC305 and SC307 that are designed around the concept to distribute the frequencies properly between all individual components and raise the efficiency of these speakers effectively.

Both models were carefully designed to be equally comfortable and precise in a stereo and surround set up. In the latter case, the SC305 and SC307 will also work perfectly as a center channel.

With EVE Audio's SC305 and SC307 one of the woofers delivers sound only up to 350 Hz and 300 Hz respectively, functioning as a kind of "bass woofer". The other woofer gives you a fuller range up to the 3000 Hz crossover frequency as a bass-midrange driver.

Both models are completed with EVE Audio's air motion transformer and feature a precision high-resolution DSP electronics that will help you tailor your monitors to the way you work.

More information about the entire range of the brand new EVE Audio monitors at

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