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“The entire pop industry does covers. People think because they change a few notes or a few words, they can say they wrote it, when actually, everyone is just rewriting the same song, over and over again, and claiming they wrote it.”- The Residents

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Two buses left at 10AM from the Moscone Center in San Fra...
Sennheiser/Neumann At Skywalker Sound During AES
Two buses left at 10AM from the Moscone Center in San Francisco, on Monday Oct. 29, the last day of the 133rd Convention of the AES. On arrival at Skywalker Sound in Marin County, visitor were ushered into the fabulous recording space where countless scoring sessions and other recording events have taken place, under the supervision of Leslie Ann Jones, the multiple Grammy Award-winning recording engineer working as Director of Music Recording and Scoring at Skywalker Sound.

Introductions began with Wolfgang Fraissinet (Neumann President Marketing/Sales) and Andrew Goldberg (Product Manager Studio Monitor Systems) who talked about Neumann/Sennheiser's involvement in transducers, now covered end-to-end from microphones to monitor speakers with the growing KH line.

They were followed by a presentation by Gene Sobczak, President & CEO of the Colorado Symphony, who highlighted the ongoing relationship the orchestra has with Neumann, resulting in fine recordings, one of which was played as an excerpt, a composition by Charles Denler that serves as the theme music behind a series of video ads touting Colorado tourism.

Finally, Master of Ceremonies and Man of the Hour, Mike Pappas, who is in charge of all recordings by and of the Colorado Symphony, took over mic and screen and demonstrated his journey from analog to digital microphones, soon inviting a four-piece band to the floor to perform two tunes that were tracked simultaneously by analog and digital microphones.

The musicians, their instruments, and their mics:

Barbara Higbie on piano and fiddle; on piano: stereo sets of Neumann KM184A and KM184D (cardioid); on fiddle: Neumann KM184A and KM184D (cardioid)

Dave MacNab on acoustic guitar: Neumann TLM 103D and TLM 170 (cardioid)

John Shifflett on acoustic bass: Neumann KM133D and M147

Tom Rozum on mandolin: Neumann TLM 103D and TLM 170 (cardioid)

Hall Ambiance: Sennheiser MKH8020 and Neumann KM133D

As soon as the two tunes were recorded, visitors were invited to take turns in the control room to A/B the mics and hear the different aspects of the digital vs analog capture. A splendid lunch with appropriate libations kept those busy who, at any given time, were not in the control room.

Soon the buses left Skywalker and visitors were delivered back to the Moscone by 3PM, having enjoyed a stimulating and, especially for first-time visitors to Skywalker, a memorable event, courtesy of Neumann/Sennheiser.

Pictured above: Leslie Ann Jones (kneeling) and crew getting ready to mike the upright bass. Picture credit: Mike Pappas.
Garritan Abby Road Studios - CFX Concert Grand Virtual Piano

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