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Austrian microphone company LEWITT, whose ever growing li...
Music Industry Icons Embrace LEWITT Microphones
Austrian microphone company LEWITT, whose ever growing list of endorsers continues to expand, is attracting Artists from all walks and eras of the Recording Industry, illustrating the brand's sonic ability to transcend all musical genres. Over the past few months this illustrious group has grown by several international greats. Among them is iconic singer/songwriter and guitarist David Crosby. Crosby, a Woodstock performer and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame double-inductee with The Byrds and Crosby, Stills and Nash, along with son and CPR band-mate James Raymond, are using the LCT Series Mics on David's upcoming studio album. Both have taken a special liking to the LCT 940 and its innovative approach; LEWITT's flagship model allows both Tube and FET circuits to be discretely chosen or blended in any ratio.

Legendary Memphis Soul architect, singer/songwriter and producer Dan Penn, whose timeless classics include "Dark End of the Street," "Do Right Woman, Do Right Man" and "I'm Your Puppet", which have been covered by countless artists, has also adopted the LCT 940 and DTP 640 REX kick drum mic. Both Penn and Crosby, with over a century of combined experience, and who have used every "iconic microphone" imaginable, underline LEWITT's growing reputation as a new contender in the microphone world.

Recording and mixing veteran Brian Vibberts (pictured above - Michael Jackson, Herbie Hancock, Living Color, Paul Simon, Billy Joel, Tony Bennett, Sting, Lauryn Hill, Bruce Springsteen, etc.), with 250 Grammy nominated and 65 Grammy award winning projects, also recently joined the Lewitt ranks.

Hip hop's ultra-hot production duo Wrightrax (Big Sean, Kanye West, Darien Brockington, Mike Posner, etc.), further round out our esteemed list of LEWITT endorsees. Listen for the Sound of LEWITT in their future projects.

Warren Huart, producer, engineer and vice president of Hollywood's Swing House Studios (Aerosmith, Augustana, The Fray, James Blunt, Korn, Adele, Shakira, Better Than Ezra, Howie Day, The Thrills, etc.) has also chosen LEWITT. For the past nine months, Warren has been engineering the new and much anticipated Aerosmith album. Warren had this to say about his LEWITT mics: "LEWITT mics are extremely versatile. The drum mics are perfectly matched and I've had many incredible results with them beating far more expensive microphones. On the latest Aerosmith record, I used a pair of LCT 640s to give an accurate in-phase stereo room sound of Joey Kramer's drums. They were able to faithfully reproduce all the subtleties of Joey Kramer, one of the world's greatest-ever rock drummers."

LEWITT is both humbled and honored to have these fantastic artists and engineers in our ranks.

Kef America

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