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“If you don’t have the technical chops to put together a viable listening medium, all the good ideas in the world won’t get on tape.”- Bruce Swedien

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20% Off Slate In October<br />
<br />
10/16/2012  AMAZI...
Slate Digital - HUGE Savings in October on Top Plugins
20% Off Slate In October

10/16/2012 AMAZING Deals in Octoberr on Our TOP PRODUCTS!

The Slate Digital line of plugins are crucial to the industry's pros for getting the greatest sounding mixes out of their DAW. And now for the rest of October, we're offering some incredible discounts on our top selling audio tools.

~ Get the drum sounds of your dreams with Trigger Platinum.

~ Make your DAW mixes sound fatter, deeper, wider, richer, and easier on the ears using our award winning Virtual Console Collection VCC Plugin.

~ The new Virtual Tape Machines Plugin gives REAL tape vibe to your mixes!

~ Our FG-X Mastering Processor will make your mix loud and will not take away all the punch and dynamics from your mix.

~ Legendary mastering engineer Howie Weinberg "swears by" VTM in an actual A/B comparison in the video (at link below!)

We walked into Howie's mastering room and he was raving about how one of his top clients sent him two versions of a mix to master: One was on 1/2" tape and the other was a digital bounce. Howie decided to compare the 1/2" mix verse the digital mix using the Slate Digital VIRTUAL TAPE MACHINES plugin. See his reaction in the video by clicking on the link below! Make sure to subscribe to Slate's youtube page here:

Steve Hardy (ZZ Top, Alicia Keys, Brittney Fox) talks about going from analog mixing to digital mixing using Slate Digital's analog-modeled plugins.

Tech support on all Slate products here:

SlateDigitalTV on YOUTUBE for tutorials, performances, and more!

Steven Slate is here for NON technical support chat (tech support questions will not get replies):

follow Steven on TWITTER for FREE stuff and my mindless ramblings of life:
Garritan Abby Road Studios - CFX Concert Grand Virtual Piano

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