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1-2-3 Fingerstyle...
Muriel Anderson Releases 1-2-3 Fingerstyle Guitar
About the Guitar Lesson

1-2-3 Fingerstyle Guitar is designed for intermediate to advanced flat-pick players who are ready to throw down that pick for a while to finally get a handle on fingerstyle. That's the secret ingredient of this study program - it's a beginning fingerstyle course, NOT a beginners' course. You won't be bogged down working through a ton of remedial instruction.

You'll find the left-hand side of things very familiar and accessible. You'll dive right into developing that finger/thumb independence on the right-hand and Muriel's got the educational goods to get you up, running and fingerpicking faster than you can imagine. Guaranteed.

What you get
Video software (Windows and Mac) with TrueFire's Lesson Player, PIP, full-screen, looping, slow motion, keyboard shortcuts, plus...
157 Minutes of Video
Text Commentary
Tab and Notation
Jam Tracks
Power Tab

Online version: If you prefer the instant download format instead of Data DVDs, visit Truefire (see link below).

Kef America LS50 Wireless

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