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In our Sept. 2008 issue RECORDING printed a contribution ...
Celeste Lear Celebrates CD Compilation Release
In our Sept. 2008 issue RECORDING printed a contribution on vocal production by indie artist Celeste Lear who sent us her latest bit of news - congratulations, Celeste!

Celeste writes

Dear music lovers,

Have you been asking yourself: “How can I help to raise money for Aids awareness programs AND get myself some fabulous new music at the same time?"

Well, here’s your answer folks!

It is with the greatest excitement that Celeste Lear’s indie label Boutique Electronique Records present you with the latest fruits of our labor of Love: The release of "DIGITAL BLISS Volume 2" – a stunning new compilation CD featuring 14 exceptionally talented, professional female music programmers, vocalists and producers from across the world. We have been working VERY hard to make this CD come to life and we joined forces with NextAid in efforts to raise money and awareness through CD/digital download sales and live concert revenues.

We are depending on you, our family and circle of friends for your love and support to make our dream of getting these women’s music out to the world AND making a difference through fundraising efforts to help end the suffering in Africa through the effective non profit organization NextAid.

Please support our mission by purchasing DIGITAL BLISS VOLUME 2 on CD Baby, iTunes, Rhapsody. If you like the music, please go to iTunes, CD Baby, etc... give us an album review, 5 star rating and forward this email to a friend or relative – it would mean SO much!! Thank you for all your support through the years...

Lots of LOVE to YOU!! – Celeste Lear

July 7, 2009

The Downtempo Compilation of the Year, Digital Bliss Volume 2, has been released by Boutique Electronique Records and Digital Bliss Productions. Please support these talented Women Producers, Vocalists and Instrumentalists and Enjoy This Fantastic Album.

Now Available for Purchase at Itunes, Amazon, CDBABY

Track Listing:

1. “Always Here” - Phauna

2. “In The Sun” - Costanza

3. “Processing...Luv” - Divasonic

4. “Superstar Car Crash” - Salme Dahlstrom

5. “Alice in Stevie Wonderland” - Micropixie

6. “Continental Drift” - Celeste Lear

7. “Perfect Weather” (Divasonic Morning Sun Remix) - Weather Pending

8. “Indigo Child” - Auradrone

9. “Catapillar” - Return To Mono

10. “Mystic Dunes” - Pixelfrog

11. “Mora With A Golden Gun” - Alice Rose

12. “Subterranean (Jimmy 2 Sticks Mix)” - Artemis

13. “Act II: The Silver Planet” - Madeline Puckette

14. “Driftwood” - Rena Jones

About Digital Bliss Volume 2:

Both “DIGITAL BLISS" compilation CDs are the brainchildren of San Francisco based electronic music producer and founder of Digital Bliss Productions, Lynda Arnold (Divasonic) and music producer/label owner Celeste Lear and are designed to celebrate and promote some of our favorite talented female artists who have proven themselves to be forerunners in the field through their hard work, tenacity, ingenuity and artistic visions. Digital Bliss successfully exposes this carefully handpicked team of independent female electronic musicians, producers and vocalists from all genres of electronic music and exposes them to a broader audience.

An exotic complexion of haunting melodies, creative loops, lush digital production and poetically charged vocal journeys through electronic landscapes, DIGITAL BLISS VOL. 2 is a strong and stirring compilation where the music simply speaks for itself. This diverse mix of talent from San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Cologne, Portland and Toronto provides a gorgeous expose on the current independent electronica movement. DIGITAL BLISS VOL. 2 features downtempo and mid-tempo ambient grooves, eclectic electro pop, subtle trip-hop and psychedelic moods.

Released in partnership between Boutique Electronique Records and Digital Bliss Productions, this compilation features the emotion stirring words and worlds of trip hop and downtempo high priestesses: Costanza, Divasonic, Celeste Lear, and Micropixie. The electro/pop visions of Madeline Puckette and Phauna. The stunning, otherworldly psychedelic and ambient work of Artemis, cellist Rena Jones and Pixelfrog. And the dancy, edgy and saucy programming of Salme Dahlstom, Auradrone and Weather Pending. Fulfilling the prophecy that the beats shall inherit the earth...

Portion of Sales of this Compilation go to

Kef America

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