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For this year’s summer mic and preamp bundle promotion, A...
AEA Announces Latest Summer Mic Bundle: The UltiMic Kit
For this year’s summer mic and preamp bundle promotion, AEA sought help from its social media community to find an inspired name that would best represent one of AEA's most exciting bundles to date, so a contest was in order.

After receiving over 1000 entries and tallying 7500 votes, AEA is now releasing the fruit of that collaboration, “THE ULTIMIC KIT”, to the world.

THE ULTIMIC KIT is a premium AEA audio bundle comprising the ‘dual-tone’ R92 ribbon microphone and a superb companion, the TRP preamp. These two creative tools perform brilliantly in conjunction to deliver you an enormous ribbon sound with generous detail.

A defining quality of the R92 is a ‘dual-tone’ functionality between its front and rear pickup lobes that yields a crisp front-facing tone distinct from the more smooth rear-facing sound. Use the R92 front-side for exceptionally clean and realistic high-end detail from amps and brass, or use the backside on drums and vocals to achieve high-end roll-off reminiscent of classic ribbons like the R44.

Considering the R92’s adaptability to different tonalities and instruments, the TRP is the ideal preamp to activate that full potential. The standout, high input impedance TRP powerfully and truthfully elevates the signal of your passive ribbons and moving-coil dynamic microphones with +83 dB of JFET gain.

THE ULTIMIC KIT is available from all AEA dealers at $1190 USD for the single-mic bundle or $1890 USD for the double-mic version and will be sold through summer or until supplies last. Click the link below to learn more.

Kef America LS50 Wireless

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