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Part of what makes Novation's portable composition/perfor...
Novation releases Components Standalone for Circuit
Part of what makes Novation's portable composition/performance instrument, Circuit, so cool is the availability of Components, an expanded set of features that become available after Circuit is connected to a computer. While the acceptance of Components (reviewed January 2017) was swift and vastly favorable, using these features used to require an active Internet connection for cloud-based storage and editor access, which wasn't always ideal.

No more! After months of development, Novation has unveiled a new update for Components users around the world – Components Standalone. This new update gives users Components on Mac or PC, to use offline and without their Facebook or Google login. If users have registered Novation hardware, they can access Components Standalone by signing in to their Novation accounts. Components Standalone presents users with a much easier navigation, which allows them to quickly visit the areas of Components they go to most often.

Novation has also made other changes. Sounds can now be cleared into a trash folder, which empties after 14 days. In addition, pad colors and texts are easier to make out, and the buttons above the grid have been changed to ‘Save to cloud’, ‘Save to desktop’ and ‘Send to Circuit’.

The tutorial will show users some of these features. To see the tutorial and learn more about Circuit and Components Standalone, click the links below!

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