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Recording Magazine just gave Scoring Mallets a thorough a...
HandHeldSound Celebrates REC Review With Huge Discount
Recording Magazine just gave Scoring Mallets a thorough and rave review in their January issue! To celebrate the exciting review - get Scoring Mallets at 35% discount if you order by January 17.

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Here are some excerpts of what reviewer Jon Hillman wrote:

"This library goes well beyond mere sound quality, into the kind of intimate knowledge of the instruments you would expect from virtuoso players. I think libraries like this can improve our musicianship, and in my opinion, this is the highest compliment I can give."

"All three instruments are based on some of the most lifelike samples I’ve ever heard. Scoring Mallets not only sounds convincing, but it also allows you to perform using techniques that sound as if an accomplished mallet percussionist were playing."

When creating instrumental mock-ups, stage positioning has always been complex and inconsistent. Beginning with our Scoring Mallets library we are introducing our proprietary Acoustic Positioner™ technology. It features true spatial positioning without relying on convolution or panning mock-ups. The Positioner engine is based on specific recording methods in conjunction with comprehensive scripted algorithms managing time and phase.

Scoring Mallets features a flexible Mixer with True Stereo Panning topology. We captured the instruments from 5 Microphone perspectives: Tight, Loose, Stage, and Wides/Surround. The microphone placement was prepared in such a way to give maximum flexibility from intimate and a more ‘pop’ sound to authentic Cinematic tone with a lot of body, air, and spatial focus.

Other than having plenty of velocity layers, round robins and release samples, we have designed custom scripts for authentic Trills, Rolls, and Glissandi with complete control over tempo and humanization. You can apply Crescendo, time shifting, and velocity drifts all in real time.

- Design Polyrhythmic and Polyphonic Ostinati and change tonal structures on the fly by playing chords.

- For the first time, use common 4-mallet playing techniques to play authentic multi-mallet playing styles. Choose between various types – Basic, Independent, and Ripple rolls – each with special scripting to replicate proper timing and velocity relationships between inner and outer mallets.

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