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October 2017

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Everybody loves birthdays, and RECORDING Magazine invites you to celebrate ours with us! October 2017 marks our 30th anniversary in print, and we’re marking the occasion with a hefty helping of new reviews and articles on a subject that’s near and dear to every recording musician’s heart: microphones.

Every mic locker starts with a single mic and grows from there. In October, we examine ways to maximize your mic locker with the best choices and the best applications. With so many choices available, it’s not easy to know what to get next, and why... so we’re going to lay out best practices and guidelines for adding the right mic to your studio.

Rudy Van Gelder is a legend in the audio community. His long line of beautiful jazz recordings, done at home under conditions of extreme secrecy, are among the Holy Grails of recording technique. Upon his death, with many of his secrets lost forever, many authors and engineers have tried to reconstruct how he made his magic, with varying degrees of success. In this issue, recording engineer, audio gear guru, and audio technology historian Scott Dorsey weighs in with a thoughtful and wide-ranging analysis of the Van Gelder sound. Scott combines eyewitness accounts with just a bit of acoustical science to get at the heart of what made these recordings so exquisitely timeless.

Also in this issue: a 30th birthday celebration that’s as useful as it is fun to read! We reach out to dozens of industry professionals—engineers, artists, manufacturers, educators, and a number of our own contributors—and ask each one a very simple question: If you could give one word of advice to a fellow recording musician that you wish you’d known when you were getting started, what would it be? Check out the October RECORDING for the surprising and enlightening answers.

What’s a mic locker issue without mic reviews? We’re planning to include a wide range of mics in this issue, from reverent recreations of classics to extraordinary new designs, from vintage flavors to high-end studio centerpieces. You'll read about new mics from Mojave Audio, ADK, Ehrlund, and Audio-Technica, as well as an exclusive first review of the affordable new Royer Labs R-10 ribbon mic.

Also in this issue: a sneak preview of Toontrack’s stunning new Superior Drummer 3, which completely rewrites the book on groove creation and drum replacement—we have an early release copy and will share our results with you in advance of the product’s official release on September 12. Coleman Audio’s new EQ, new monitors from ESI, and a look at Spitfire Audio's BT Phobos virtual instrument round things out.

We also feature Readers’ Tracks with Marty Peters, a special 30th-anniversary Fade Out double guest editorial from former Editors Nick Batzdorf and Lorenz Rychner, our regular monthly features, and more. Recording musicians with an eye (and ear) for microphones, and everyone else in the audio community, will have a blast celebrating with RECORDING in the October 2017 issue!

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FIRST LOOK: Toontrack Superior Drummer 3   |   Reviewed by Mike Metlay

The most comprehensive virtual drum software ever features a gigantic new sound library, user-friendly and streamlined features, and a brand-new killer app that’s worth the price of admission all on its own.

Soundware Showcase: Spitfire Audio BT Phobos   |   Reviewed by Mike Metlay

The UK soundware firm’s first virtual instrument plug-in boasts a stunning new approach to organic, rhythmic sound design.

ESI Audio uniK 05+ and uniK 08+ Active Monitors   |   Reviewed by Mike Metlay

Kevlar woofers plus magnetostatic tweeters equal speakers that marry high-end clarity with lots of solid, clear bass... and that’s just the smaller ones!

Royer Labs R-10 Ribbon Microphone   |   Reviewed by Paul Vnuk Jr.

The company that launched the Ribbon Renaissance shatters the price barrier with a mic that’s as all-around useful as it is affordable. Features an interview with Royer’s John Jennings on the origins of this unique mic.

Audio-Technica AT5047 Condenser Microphone   |   Reviewed by Paul Vnuk Jr.

The newest 50 Series multi-diaphragm mic features a transformer-balanced output for a sweet and versatile tone.

Mojave Audio MA-1000 Condenser Microphone   |   Reviewed by Paul Vnuk Jr.

The new flagship tube mic from Mojave earns its place at the top of the heap with a thoroughly modern take on a classic mic design.

Ehrlund EHR-M Condenser Microphone   |   Reviewed by Paul Vnuk Jr.

So what’s the idea of a mic with a triangular capsule? As it turns out, the triangle is key to a uniquely beautiful step beyond conventional condensers.

ADK TC-49 Valve Microphone   |   Reviewed by Paul Vnuk Jr.

The new Custom TC Series is well-represented by this beautifully tuned interpretation of a vintage mic that’s less known than many of its contemporaries.

Coleman Audio CA500EQ   |   Reviewed by Paul Vnuk Jr.

This rack equalizer serves to re-introduce the audio world to the sound of the great old MCI JH-528 console, and does it with class. Includes an interview with creator Glenn Coleman.

Plug-In Outlet: Universal Audio SSL 400 G Bus Compressor Plug-In Collection   |   Reviewed by Alex Hawley

A new and improved model of a bus compressor that’s justifiably famous for gluing together mixes and submixes on hundreds of hit records.


Thirty Years—One Word   |   Written by Mike Metlay

One word of advice, that is. We asked our 30-year-old family of audio professionals what advice they’d give to someone starting out, and the answers will delight you.

Make The Most Of Your Mics   |   Written by Mike Metlay

A mic locker isn’t something you can order from a catalog and take out of a box ready to use. It has to be built up over time... and these guidelines will show you how to start.

The Secrets Of Rudy Van Gelder.   |   Written by Scott Dorsey

He was the most secretive engineer in history, and his work defined the sound of modern jazz; with his passing, it’s now a good time to do some sleuthing into how he did it all.

Fade Out   |   Written by Nick Batzdorf and Lorenz Rychner

From 10 And 20 To 30 And Beyond.

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