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June 2016

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DAWS -- we all use them (95% of our readership, according to a recent survey), but do we understand them? Do we get the most out of them? Are we using the best tools we can with them? Answer these questions and more with the reviews and articles coming up in the June issue of RECORDING.

For this DAW-centric issue, we bring you all manner of cool products for the modern studio. In the hardware realm, we have the great new karacter 500 module from elysia, Dangerous Music's 2-Bus+ summing mixer, the 535-LA line amplifier module from API, Genelec's brilliant 8020C portable reference monitors, and Focusrite's blazing-fast Clarett 2Pre portable Thunderbolt interface.

The software side of things is shaping up brilliantly, with literally dozens of reviews. We'll bring you up to date on latest and greatest features in Pro Tools, Cubase, Studio One, and Wavelab, offer a Walking Tour of the intriguing new Lumit DAW, and revisit WaveMachine Labs Auria Pro DAW for the iPad. Our Soundware Short Takes will feature virtual instruments and plug-ins from Spitfire Audio, Sonnox, iZotope, PSP Audioware, Output, Audio Damage, Softube, Tone2, Joey Sturgis Tones, Relab, and more.

Learning your way around a DAW isn't always easy. In this issue, Mike Rivers presents a student's-eye look at what DAWs do and how they do it, removing the mystery around the functions we all need to master. Also in this issue, James Lindenschmidt returns to our pages with a look at how channel layouts in a DAW can affect your creativity and have a positive or negative impact on your mixes. Fascinating stuff!

All this plus our monthly columns, First Steps with Paul J. Stamler, and more. If you wish your DAW was an ally rather than an adversary, pick up the June RECORDING!

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Reviewed & Revisited: Avid Pro Tools 12.5   |   Reviewed by Alex Hawley

The latest version of the world's most famous DAW now offers the ability to collaborate around the world... without spending a cent to do it.

Reviewed & Revisited: Focusrite Clarett 2Pre   |   Reviewed by Giles Reaves

The blinding speed of Thunderbolt and the great sound of Focusrite preamps in a wonderfully portable package.

Reviewed & Revisited: Steinberg Cubase 8.5   |   Reviewed by Paul Vnuk Jr.

This update streamlines and accelerates workflow in Cubase to make the recording experience smoother, and adds a comprehensive system for sharing work in the cloud.

elysia karacter 500   |   Reviewed by Paul Vnuk Jr.

There are many ways to add "warmth" and "saturation" to digital mixes, but this little box is something special indeed.

Dangerous Music Dangerous 2-BUS+   |   Reviewed by Paul Vnuk Jr.

The company that invented analog summing brings its famous first product into the 21st Century with cool new features and an impressive new sound.

API 535-LA Line Amplifier   |   Reviewed by Paul Vnuk Jr.

This new 500 Series module brings the magic of stacked API components, the key to the firm's analog consoles, to combine mixing creativity with great tone.

Software Short Takes   |   Reviewed by Darwin Grosse, Jon Hillman, Paul Vnuk Jr., and Mike Metlay

For this DAW issues, we bring you a bunch of plug-in and virtual instrument reviews:
Spitfire Audio Marimba Swarm, Output EXHALE, Relab Development LX480, Sonnox Oxford Envolution, Softube Fix Flanger and Doubler, PSP Audioware PSP 2445, Jo......Expand

Reviewed & Revisited: Steinberg WaveLab 9   |   Reviewed by Justin Perkins

This all-in-one editing/mastering suite, an essential tool for many mastering engineers, has added tons of new and improved features and a beautiful, elegant new look.

Reviewed & Revisited: Genelec 8020C Active Monitor   |   Reviewed by Mike Metlay

This desktop speaker is just a bit heavier than the tiny 8010A, but packs a serious punch and unequaled sonic clarity.

Reviewed & Revisited: PreSonus Studio One 3.2   |   Reviewed by Jon Hillman

Version 3 of the program that showed the world that yes, we do need one more DAW, continues to innovate and inspire with fantastic new ways to assemble ideas into songs.

Reviewed & Revisited: WaveMachine Labs Auria Pro   |   Reviewed by Tony Gerber

The first full-featured DAW for iOS has grown up in a big way, adding MIDI and many other pro-level features to create a full-on studio experience that fits in a laptop bag... with room left over for a laptop.

Lumit: A Walking Tour   |   Reviewed by Bill Stunt

Lumit Audio is turning heads with a remarkable new DAW that's optimized for multitouch Windows tablets, with speed and ease of use that are really inspiring.

For Your Bookshelf   |   Reviewed by Mike Metlay

Less Noise, More Soul: The Search for Balance in the Art, Technology, and Commerce of Music.

First Steps. Part 18: The Digital Audio Workstation -- II   |   Reviewed by Paul J. Stamler

We spoke last month about how DAWs take the place of multitrack recorders and mixing console, but they have another function that would have seemed like pure sorcery not long ago. Meet the music world's equivalent of the word processor...


Signal Flow In A DAW   |   Written by Mike Rivers

Sometimes, the easiest way to figure out this newfangled computer audio stuff is to apply old-fashioned ideas to it. Learn how mapping a DAW's functions to the paradigm of a mixer, effects rack, and recorder can take the mystery out of how it work......Expand

Great Tone In The Box   |   Written by James Lindenschmidt

Harmonics and distortion aren't necessarily a bad thing; when used properly, they can give lifeless digital mixes that magic touch that makes them come alive. Here's how.

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