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October 2014

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Every recording goes through three vital stages from idea to finished product: tracking, mixing, and mastering. In the October issue of RECORDING, we take a hard look at the Big Three of the music creation workflow with hands-on articles and interviews that will fascinate and engage everyone!

In this issue, we try out the Antelope Audio Zen Studio, a fabulously portable high-resolution audio interface for engineers wanting to track the best possible sound on the go. We also look at the Dangerous Compressor, a new design that offers some fascinating features; a new 500 Series module from Chandler Limited that put time-tested circuits into a handy new format; and the latest BM Series III monitors from Dynaudio Professional.

In this issue, we have two huge articles from experts on tracking and mixing to help get you started on the road to great recordings. Joe Albano's been teaching how to mike and track sessions for decades, and he brings his expertise to our pages this month with a great article for new and experienced recordists alike. And if you want to know how to mix for success, look no further than Grammy winner Marc Urselli, who brings years of success to his treatment of making a great mix.

In the realm of mastering, we bring you interviews with two successful mastering engineers who discuss past and present projects and what's involved in the mastering process, from the client's and the engineer's sides. Jonathan Davis comes to us fresh from remastering Led Zeppelin at the right hand of Jimmy Page; and Stephen Marsh takes his track record of mastering everything from Grammy-winning albums to film and TV scores and much more and presents a solid slate of advice for musicians.

Also in this issue, we take a look way back at the very beginning of Motown, with an incisive look on how this genre-defining label and its equally famous studio got their start. Paul J. Stamler gives a perspective on tracking and mixing in the early years of Motown, and we welcome acclaimed writer and Front Of House Magazine editor George Petersen to our pages with a fascinating article that begins with a mysterious audio processor found at a yard sale and ends with a deeper understanding of the Motown magic.

All this plus our usual features, Readers' Tapes with Marty Peters, and more, make the October RECORDING a must-read for every recording musician. Don't miss it!


Antelope Audio Zen Studio   |   Reviewed by Paul Vnuk Jr.

A portable package that combines world-class converters with powerful onboard DSP mixing, for a no-compromise studio you can carry anywhere.

Back in our January 2014 issue, I reviewed a remarkable audio interface that offere......Expand

Dynaudio Professional BM Compact mkIII Powered Montors and BM 9S II Subwoofer   |   Reviewed by Mike Metlay

Taken alone, these small speakers elevate desktop monitoring to a level not often heard in small studios... but add the sub and they create a listening environment that's a real revelation.

For years, Dynaudio Professional's......Expand

Chandler Limited TG2-500 Preamp   |   Reviewed by Paul Vnuk Jr.

Chandler's TG2 rackmount preamp, based on the famous Abbey Road EMI console, is a modern classic. We revisit this amazing preamp through a quick history lesson, then dive into the new 500 Series module version. Is history repeating? Read and learn......Expand

Dangerous Music Dangerous Compressor   |   Reviewed by Paul Vnuk Jr.

This new compressor does the seemingly impossible -- by providing a wealth of controls, it actually makes it simpler to achieve wonderfully transparent and musical dynamics control. Learn what it can do for your tracking, mix, or mastering studio.......Expand


Led Zeppelin Remastered   |   Interviewed by Paul Vnuk Jr.

John Davis, mastering engineer working alongside Jimmy Page on the remastered Zep catalog, walks us through the tightly-scrutinized process of rescuing some of rock's most famous tapes and presenting them to a new generation of fans in all their g......Expand

Stephen Marsh On Magic In Mastering   |   Interviewed by Paul Vnuk Jr.

From Los Lobos and The Donnas to a slew of hit movie soundtracks, Stephen Marsh's list of credits reads like a Who's Who of what's cool in modern music. In this interview, he walks us through his mastering workflow and teaches useful dos and don't......Expand

"If We Knew What We Were Doing We'd Be Dangerous."   |   Interviewed by Paul Stamler

John Windt was one of two young men hired into Motown Studios in the earliest days of the iconic record company. He offers a fascinating glimpse into an era when acoustics was as much magic as science, gear was something you built yourself, and th......Expand


Tracking Strategies   |   Written by Joe Albano

Getting the best possible tracks on record takes some planning and preparation. Here's how to assure that your tracking sessions run smoothly and result in songs you can be proud of.

Before you spend long hours in front of y......Expand

The Art Of Cooking Up A Good Mix!   |   Written by Marc Urselli

A multiple-Grammy-winning mix engineer takes us into the kitchen and shows us the recipe for the tastiest mixes we've ever heard. Hope you've got an appetite...

Mixing is just like cooking. That's right, I said it.

Audio Archaeology: Unearthing The Secrets Of Motown Studios   |   Written by George Petersen

A chance find at a flea market leads an audio-gear enthusiast down the rabbit hole and into the remarkable world of the Motown mastering rooms, where dozens of history-making records were cut. Motown engineer Mike McLean weighs in on what turns ou......Expand

Fade Out   |   Written by Barry Cleveland

Discovering Joe Meek.

When I began looking into the life of British recording iconoclast Joe Meek 15 years ago, I imagined that he was merely a wacky chap who had made a bunch of quirky recordings, the best-known being 1962'......Expand

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