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September 2013

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This September, Recording turns its attention to the question of improving your studio in a variety of ways. We tackle the topics of room acoustics, monitoring, cabling, and more, in ways that you'll find handy and inspiring!

He's worked with artists like Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder, George Duke, Youssou N'Dour, and Stanley Clarke, and has been a voice of reason and sanity in the often-hyped world of studio monitoring for many years; in this issue we tap into the wit and wisdom of Peter Chaikin on straightforward strategies for monitoring in a small studio.

And that's not all -- we welcome four new authors this month! LA-based engineer and performer Eleanor Goldfield brings us a practical look at maintaining your studio's cabling; Boulder-based engineer/producer John McVey with takeaway tips on getting the best sound from a session that has problems; California-based acoustician Bruce Black talks about the tips and tools for soundproofing rooms; and from Arizona, Jess Repanshek shows us how a musician turned his backyard shed into a fantastic studio. And long-absent acoustics/construction contributor Matt Seiler returns with a lovely DIY piece on using drywall as a practical acoustical wall treatment.

This issue features reviews on new monitors from Emotiva Pro, a first look at Drawmer's new monitor controller, MOTU's latest audio interface, an usual mic from Ashman Acoustics, a new preamp from Sontronics, and FXpansion's latest effects plug-in, the haunting and lovely Bloom... not to mention first looks at Avid Pro Tools 11 and Apple Logic Pro X!

All this plus our regular features, an in-depth look at equalization in Eric Ferguson's Recording Fundamentals, Readers' Tapes with Marty Peters, and more. If you're trying to get the best sound and the best performance out of your studio, you can't afford to miss the September Recording!

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Emotiva Pro Stealth 8 Monitors   |   Reviewed by Paul Vnuk Jr.

Ribbon tweeters and an unusual cabinet design combine to deliver an impressive punch.

Back in our February 2013 issue, Mike Metlay introduced us to Emotiva Pro when he looked at the company's airmotiv 4 and airmotiv 6 powere......Expand

MOTU Track16   |   Reviewed by Mike Metlay

This tabletop FireWire/USB interface offers plenty of high-quality I/O and a powerful DSP engine for mixing, monitoring, and effects processing.

MOTU's new Track16 is unique in its layout and onboard controls; it's a far cry......Expand

Ashman Acoustics SOM50 Microphone   |   Reviewed by Paul Vnuk Jr.

An intriguing new mic that harkens back to well-respected vintage design principles.

Ashman Acoustics is a new company started by microphone designer Matt Ashman. Before branching out on his own, Matt studied at the feet of ......Expand

Sontronics Sonora 2 Mic Preamp   |   Reviewed by Paul Vnuk Jr.

A British audio firm best known for its microphones offers an updated and flexible preamp design.

Sontronics is British company known for its line of British-designed and Asian-built microphones that are among some of the mo......Expand

Drawmer MC2.1 Monitor Controller   |   Reviewed by Paul Vnuk Jr.

Well known for its signal processors, Drawmer makes a splash with its first control-room monitoring product.

Drawmer is a British company known for its MXPro line of gates, compressors and de-essers and its 1960s Series of m......Expand

Sneak Previews: Apple Logic Pro X and Avid Pro Tools 11   |   Reviewed by Joe Albano

Not one but two of the major players in the DAW game have received massive updates in recent weeks. Here's a sneak peek at what to look for.

It's been about four years since Logic had a major (point-0) update, and anticipati......Expand

Plug-In Outlet: FXpansion Bloom   |   Reviewed by Mike Metlay

This powerful ambience processor creates magical space and rhythmic effects for your tracks.

Bloom is a new effects plug-in from FXpansion, makers of the Geist loop/rhythm processor (reviewed April 2011), the DCAM: Synth Squ......Expand

Fade Out   |   Reviewed by Scott Dorsey

Thank Ma Bell.

When audio was shiny and new, a huge amount of the early fundamental research on audio transducers and transmission was performed by the telephone company. It seemed a natural extension of their main business;......Expand


The History And Mystery Of Monitoring: A Chat With JBL's Peter Chaikin   |   Interviewed by Mike Metlay

From his first studio dates with Stevie Wonder to his work promoting a new generation of accurate reference monitors, Peter Chaikin has a lot to teach our readers about speakers and how they interact with listening environments. Listen and learn!<......Expand


Better Sounds From Tight Spots   |   Written by John McVey

An engineer/producer has a lot to contend with, from inexperienced clients to difficult rooms. Here's a selection of tips and tricks to help get past some common production obstacles.

For this issue on improving your studio ......Expand

Do It Yourself: Fix Your Cables -- Save Your Money!   |   Written by Eleanor Goldfield

Don't throw away mic or instrument cables that go flaky... fix them and add to both your bank account and your store of self-confidence.

You plug in a microphone and "check." Nothing. You make sure the pre is on, and set to ......Expand

Stop Sound Leakage!   |   Written by Bruce Black

Sound gets through the tightest spaces and causes problems inside your studio and out. A respected designer gives easy-to-follow advice on improving sound isolation in your room.

So you've been put on notice-the sound from y......Expand

Do It Yourself: Build Acoustic Treatment Right Into Your Walls!   |   Written by Matt Seiler

Some worthwhile solutions to room issues come in a box from a store, but others can be put in place before you even move in. Here's how.

Home-based recording, by its very nature, means that you're working within the preexist......Expand

From Shed To Studio   |   Written by Jess Repanshek

A quick look at how a small building in a backyard got turned into a productive recording and mixing space.

So it is 100+ degrees Fahrenheit, and I am driving across town to Northern Phoenix to spend some time in this guy's ......Expand

Recording Fundamentals. Chapter 21: Equalization -- Part 2   |   Written by Eric Ferguson

Last month we learned what goes into an equalizer and why they're important... now we get to have fun with them!

Equalization is the most common form of audio signal processing. Used to adjust tone, eq can manipulate the rel......Expand

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