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August 2013

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In the August issue of RECORDING, we take a good look at recording bands as bands, not just as individual players captured one at a time. With today's emphasis on live performance and being able to share and even sell live recordings, capturing a great live show has become a priority like never before, and studio users are also beginning to rediscover the magic of capturing a band's energy and interaction in the studio... and this issue covers both approaches to live band recording!

Paul Vnuk Jr. has been capturing live bands from the stage for many years, and his expertise is on display in a great article for beginners and experienced FOH engineers alike. Paul moves from the old methods of splitters and snakes to modern recording-friendly consoles, with solutions from the high-end to the highly affordable.

Sven-Erik Seaholm's studio in California has a long list of great-sounding albums to its credit, and he's not shy about the fact that he gets these great, organic-sounding yet clean and clear recordings at home. In a detailed article, Sven takes readers from "I can't possibly record a band in my house" to "I didn't realize getting such a great sound could be in reach for me!".

Also in this issue, we conclude Joe Albano's extensive look at guitar recording with great hints for acoustic guitar, peek into the AES Nashville Recording Workshop & Expo for a look at practical approaches to everything from tracking to promotion, and in Recording Fundamentals we begin our journey through the mysteries of equalization.

Product reviews include PreSonus's new ADL700 signal processor, Steinberg's handy and great-sounding UR22 audio interface, unusual and beautiful mics from Ear Trumpet Labs, RODE's handy new iXY stereo mic and RODE Rec recording software for iOS, Audiofile Engineering's unique waveform editor Triumph, a cool new live multitrack recorder from Cymatic Audio, Daking's newest compressor, and more.

Whether you're trying to capture a band's magic at home or at a club, or whether you're just looking for the best tools and techniques to make the best recordings you can, you'll find lots to learn from in the August RECORDING!

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PreSonus ADL 700 Tube Channel Strip   |   Reviewed by Paul Vnuk Jr.

Adding eq and dynamics control to Anthony DeMaria's well-respected preamp results in a fantastic all-in-one solution for vocal and instrument recording.

During the 18 years of its existence, Cajun audio company PreSonus has ......Expand

Ear Trumpet Labs Edwina Microphone   |   Reviewed by Paul Vnuk Jr.

A unique approach to construction results in a mic that's as cool-looking as it is versatile.

Ear Trumpet Labs of Portland, Oregon, is a unique and boutique manufacturer of bricolage microphones. What is bricolage (bri-ko-l......Expand

Steinberg UR22 USB Audio/MIDI Interface   |   Reviewed by Mike Metlay

This compact interface offers high-resolution audio and pro-grade preamps at a very wallet-friendly price.

Maybe you're a solo singer/songwriter working with a guitar or keyboard, trying to capture your ideas; maybe you work......Expand

Daking Audio Comp 500   |   Reviewed by Paul Vnuk Jr.

A 500 Series module that makes compression tasks easy, intuitive, and wonderfully musical.

Geoff Daking was and is the drummer for 1960s psychedelic band The Blues Magoos; he is a recording engineer with credits ranging from......Expand

Audiofile Engineering Triumph   |   Reviewed by Bill Stunt

This waveform editor for the Mac offers a cool new way to work with audio.

Audiofile Engineering has replaced its longstanding program Wave Editor with this newly designed program called Triumph. A new audio editing tool, on......Expand

Cymatic Audio LR-16 Digital Recorder   |   Reviewed by Mike Metlay

If you've been looking for a way to capture multitrack audio at live gigs with minimal fuss and cost, look no further!

The problem of capturing a live show as cleanly and simply as possible has been around for as long as eng......Expand

RODE iXY and RODE Rec   |   Reviewed by Mike Metlay

A high-class XY coincident stereo mic and a powerful, portable audio recording/editing app bring iOS-based field recording to a new level.

The iPhone and iPad are sensible choices for portable recording. There's usually a re......Expand


Piano Recording -- A Private Affair   |   Interviewed by Lorenz Rychner

Solo piano recorded in a home, yet sounding better than many a studio recording? Jerome Gilmer's new album Remember Well is proof that it can be done. We learn how Jerome and engineer Steve Avedis pulled it off.

When Jerome ......Expand


Recording The Gig   |   Written by Paul Vnuk Jr.

Strategies to help you get the most out of recording a live gig...

These days, camping out in a studio for weeks on end is just not the way most bands operate -- bands want to be recorded during live performances, not so muc......Expand

Recording The Band   |   Written by Sven-Erik Seaholm

...and if the band plays live but in your home studio, here are tips and tricks to get the best possible sound!

You and your bandmates have spent the last several months writing, arranging and rehearsing your music and findi......Expand

A Guitar Miking Primer. Part 2: Acoustic Guitars   |   Written by Joe Albano

Our in-depth look at grabbing great guitar sounds concludes with a deep discussion of those guitars that don't need amplifiers.

Many of the same overall issues discussed in Part 1 (July 2013) with regards to recording electr......Expand

MIDI -- Happy 30th Birthday!   |   Written by Lorenz Rychner

A birthday retrospective, and a look forward, for the genre-defining communication standard that showed how music-gear makers could cooperate to create something fantastic.

Have you ever typed on a typewriter? Have your fing......Expand

Do It Yourself: Keepin' My Beats Cool -- Repairing an E-MU SP1200   |   Written by Jon Bare

Sometimes basic electronics and a little bravery can save you hundreds in repair bills.

Nothing disappoints me more in the studio than a piece of gear that craps out when I'm all set to record. It worked fine yesterday, so........Expand

Recording Fundamentals. Chapter 20: Equalization -- Part 1   |   Written by Eric Ferguson

We begin our education on eq with an understanding of what goes into an equalizer and why it's important to our tracking and mixing.

Equalization (eq) is among the most widely discussed tools in audio engineering. It is a cr......Expand

Special Report: AES Nashville Recording Workshop+Expo 2013   |   Written by Mike Metlay

Nashville's AES section hosts a two-day workshop with practical knowledge, famous presenters, new gear, and much more.

The Rocketown complex in Nashville hosted the Audio Engineering Society (Nashville Section) for the Recor......Expand

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