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April 2012

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What are you really hearing? We examine this fascinating question in our April issue, with a look at monitors large and small and some interesting tools for improving your studio's sound.

Brian Gadson, a well-respected LA studio designer, talks about new technologies for keeping studios quiet and comfortable; we take a look at the fascinating room-recording technology known as Ambisonics; and Scott Dorsey teaches how to build a set of useful studio mix-check monitors for well under a hundred dollars.

This issue has plenty of cool reviews, too. In keeping with our topic of the month, we have in-depth looks at speakers from two relatively new names in the reference-monitor business: Sonodyne, whose well-respected line of studio monitors makes its US debut with two very interesting models, and Cerwin-Vega!, already well known for crowd-pleasing bass bins but making its first foray into the realm of desktop monitor systems. Shure continues to expand its high-end headphone line, and we review the brand-new open-backed SRH1440 phones.

We round out the issue with reviews of hardware and software from iZotope, IsoAcoustics, Rob Papen, PSP Audioware, Little Labs, Universal Audio, Tone2, McDSP, IK Multimedia, and others, plus our regular columns, Readers' Tapes with Marty Peters, and more! Get ready to raise your listening game with the informative articles and in-depth reviews in the April RECORDING!

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Sonodyne SM100Ak and SM50Ak Active Monitors   |   Reviewed by Scott Dorsey

Small-format monitors from a well-respected company in India, meant for serious mixing.

Sonodyne is an Indian firm that has been making speakers for many years; I heard a pair of their larger monitors in Hong Kong thirty yea......Expand

Shure SRH1440 Headphones   |   Reviewed by Mike Metlay

Shure's first open-back headphone offers impressive clarity and detail.

Shure has made a big splash in the studio-headphone market with closed-back phones covering a variety of prices and applications; I had the pleasure of ......Expand

Reviewed and Revisited: iZotope Ozone 5 Advanced   |   Reviewed by Devon Brent

More metering, more features, more ease of workflow -- check out the improvements to this renowned mastering plug-in suite.

iZotope's mastering plug-in suite, Ozone, is a well-established player in the computer audio market.......Expand

Pelonis Model 42 Stereo Monitors   |   Reviewed by Lorenz Rychner

These unusually-shaped coaxial and bi-amped speakers come with their own rackmount amps, and with control software to overcome room problems -- a serious package for serious sound.

Chris Pelonis is a man with many missions. ......Expand

Little Labs i-VOG Analog Bass Resonance Tool   |   Reviewed by Paul Vnuk Jr.

This little box can work wonders to tighten up and focus the low end of problem tracks. Also: Universal Audio's VOG plug-in for the UAD-2 platform.

Jonathan Little of Little Labs makes a range of nifty solutions to common au......Expand

Plug-In Outlet   |   Reviewed by Paul Vnuk Jr. and Mike Metlay

PSP Audioware NobleQ; Tone2 AkustiX.

PSP is an audio software developer based in Jozefoslaw, Poland, that has been crafting and coding plug-ins for over a decade, including the awesomely bizarre N2O multieffects plug-in that......Expand

Cerwin-Vega! XD3 Powered Desktop Speakers   |   Reviewed by Mike Metlay

Affordable little speakers with the mighty Cerwin-Vega! roar.

Readers who have been in the industry for a while will know the name of Cerwin-Vega!, and those who don't will probably wonder why there's an exclamation point in......Expand

Once Over -- Reviews in Brief   |   Reviewed by Mike Metlay

McDSP LouderLogic; IK Multimedia iRig, iRig Mic, AmpliTube and AmpliTube Fender for iOS, and VocaLive; IsoAcoustics ISO.L8R Monitor Stands... and Presta LevelsIntoDaRed.

McDSP has been in the business of making audio sound b......Expand

Rob Papen eXplorer   |   Reviewed by Mike Metlay

This sound-designer's dream package contains four virtual instruments and three effects plug-ins, each a success story in its own right.

It's been way too long since Rob Papen's software has been featured in Recording; Devon......Expand


2012 Winter NAMM Show Report   |   Written by Mike Metlay with Paul Vnuk Jr., Lorenz Rychner, and Beto Hale

Lots and lots of new faces and new products in Anaheim, and we bring you the highlights.

The Anaheim Convention Center once again played host to the Winter NAMM Show on January 19-22, packed to the rafters with musical instr......Expand

Noises In -- Noises Out   |   Written by Brian Gadson

An experienced studio designer advises on ways to keep your music inside your studio-and outside noises out of your studio.

You've spent many hours, even days, putting in layers of drywall, insulation, and anything else your......Expand

Recording Fundamentals. Chapter 4: Introduction To Microphones -- Part One (History and Design)   |   Written by Eric Ferguson

Microphones have always been the most basic tools for recording. This month we begin an in-depth look at what makes them work the way they do.

No single item is more emblematic of the art and science of recording than the mi......Expand

The Science And Art Of Ambisonics   |   Written by Scott Dorsey

Can a single mic capture an entire room with perfect imaging? Yes, if it's the right sort of mic.

I think people should be interested in ambisonics, which is a very interesting way of recording accurate stereo and surround f......Expand

Do It Yourself: Make Your Own Check Mix Monitor   |   Written by Scott Dorsey

This handy mono check-mix speaker can be built in a few minutes for a bit over fifty dollars, but the new viewpoint it gives you for your mixes can be priceless.

It's important to know what your material is going to sound li......Expand

Fade Out   |   Written by Steve Bowman

Do You Need To Hire A Studio Drummer?

As the old adage says: You can get it fast, good, or cheap... pick two. Nowhere is that more applicable than when hiring a session drummer. Sometimes you can get a pretty good drum track......Expand

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