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August 2011

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August is Back To School month for many of us and our families, and RECORDING gets in the spirit of things with a special issue on the tools and training you need to improve your craft.

Times have changed, and the resources we can call on when trying to become better recording musicians have changed as well -- while print magazines, books, and recording schools are more popular than ever, they're now supplemented with DVD-based teaching tools, online courses, and a variety of Internet-based materials that can get education into the hands of people who aren't able to pursue traditional methods. In our centerpiece article, Lorenz Rychner interviews a wide variety of music professionals and gets their take on the state of music technology education.

We review educational materials of all kinds, including books, DVDs, a specialized "over the pro's shoulder" online course from, education apps for your iOS device, and Korg's unique Sound On Sound recorder, a personal recording system that's well suited for education as well as songwriting and music creation.

Also in this issue: reviews of hot new drum mics from Shure, the latest DSP engines and effects from Universal Audio, and Slate Pro Audio’s Dragon dynamics processor; advice on the legalities of licensing your music for use in films; and much more. Every issue of RECORDING is an education, but education gets a special shout out this August -- don't miss it!

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Korg Sound On Sound Unlimited Track Recorder   |   Reviewed by Mike Metlay

A portable stereo recorder with infinite overdub capability breathes new life into a venerable recording strategy.

There's a lot to like in Korg's new portable recorder, the Sound on Sound Unlimited Track Recorder, b......Expand

For Your Bookshelf: Time To Get Wise   |   Reviewed by Mike Metlay

Educational books take the spotlight in this collection of in-depth reviews, highlighting seven titles on subjects from Live to Logic, from Audacity to zealous production.

Recording schools offer a unique experience that can......Expand

For Your Bookshelf: Quick Takes   |   Reviewed by Lorenz Rychner

Fast looks at five books on everything from Quincy Jones to recording on a budget.

In addition to the books Mike has covered already, there are many more worthwhile titles that show up in our offices, too many to cover in ou......Expand

Slate Pro Audio Dragon Dynamics Processor   |   Reviewed by Paul Vnuk Jr.

Old-school sound meets modern refinement in this fine first release from a new audio gear maker.

Steven Slate wears many hats. First known for the Steven Slate Drums libraries, he has branched into audio software with Slate ......Expand

Shure Beta 91A, Beta 98A, and Beta 181 Microphones   |   Reviewed by Paul Vnuk Jr.

This collection of instrument mics includes revivals of tried and true boundary and miniature mic designs, and a promising newcomer with a choice of capsules.

Out of the trio of new microphones from the Shure Beta series, tw......Expand

For Your e-Bookshelf   |   Reviewed by Mike Metlay

Three valuable titles on game audio, iOS media handling, and networking and security with your mobile devices... enlightenment on the go!

Elsewhere in this issue we list a bunch of worthwhile books for your recording educati......Expand

Course Technology PTR Ableton Live 8 Course Clips Master   |   Reviewed by Mike Metlay

A fast-paced and in-depth course of learning on the popular live-performance DAW, in a clear and effective DVD format.

As you'll see elsewhere in this issue, there are many ways to learn about music technology. One popular a......Expand

Superscope PSD430   |   Reviewed by Mike Metlay

This tabletop recorder and practice tool is ideal for the music educator.

Superscope doesn't mess around when it comes to building desktop digital recording systems for music educators and students; they have a years-long re......Expand

FaderPro Are You Able?   |   Reviewed by Mike Metlay

If your idea of the perfect learning experience is looking over the shoulder of an expert as he works, this tutorial video is for you.

FaderPro has a unique take on the process of audio technology education. If the first thi......Expand

Universal Audio UAD-2 Satellite and Studer A800 and Lexicon 224 Plug-ins   |   Reviewed by Paul Vnuk Jr.

The UAD platform goes FireWire, and two classic studio sounds gain a new life in virtual form.

The UAD-2 Satellite is the latest addition to Universal Audio's UAD family of hardware DSP plug-in accelerators, and it is the fi......Expand

iOS Tools For Music Education   |   Reviewed by Mike Metlay

New apps from, SuperMegaUltraGroovy, and ASK Video load your iOS device with a wealth of tutorials, handy references, and a terribly cool way to practice your licks.

In this month's iOS Music Tools, we take a......Expand


Education - What's On Your Mind?   |   Written by Lorenz Rychner

A universe of respected professionals voice their opinions about ways to learn audio production and get into the audio business.

Education: The systematic instruction, schooling or training given to the young in preparation ......Expand

It's Your Music - Know Your Rights. Chapter 17: Composing Music For Motion Pictures   |   Written by Todd Gascon with Bruce Kaphan

Even the smallest feature of your music in a film soundtrack can be tremendously lucrative, and a full soundtrack composition deal much more so, but it pays to know the workings of film deals before you sign anything...

A go......Expand

Fade Out   |   Written by Paul Vnuk Jr.

Sweetwater's Gearfest 2011.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending Sweetwater's annual Gearfest in Fort Wayne, IN. Part mini-NAMM show, part tent sales event, part outdoor music festival and music seminar/clinic, ......Expand

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