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July 2011

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There are millions of ways to record guitar, and in our July issue we're bringing you some of the newest and coolest. This issue is packed full of worthwhile tricks for getting great guitar sounds, and a huge variety of guitar gear reviews to feed your six-string urge.

Using guitar pedals in the studio can be risky business -- if you don't set them up properly, you can end up with a tone that's a poor imitation of that slamming sound you're used to on stage, or worse yet, with noise and gain issues that ruin your tracks. In this issue, the guitar-effects maestro known only has Har brings you page after page of useful advice for making your pedals sound their best. And what good is a feature on stomp boxes without a nice big pile of reviews to sharpen your appetite? We bring you an overstuffed Christmas-in-summer grab bag with over a dozen reviews of pedals by BOSS, Dwarfcraft, Eventide, George Dennis, Hardwire, TC Electronic, Tech21, Totally Wycked Audio, WMD, and more!

And that's not all. Ace guitar recording engineer Brian Tarquin covers the best methods for adding downtuned guitars into your mixes without turning them muddy, and Paul Vnuk Jr. reviews a portable, powerful, sweet-sounding acoustic-guitar recording preamp from Rupert Neve Designs. We cover cool new guitar software from IK Multimedia, hardware and software tools for guitar recording on the iPad, and lots more... all aimed at getting you the very hottest sounds for the hottest days of summer.

If great guitars are your goal, you can't afford to miss the July issue of RECORDING!

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A Guitar Gear Grab Bag   |   Reviewed by Mike Metlay with Darwin Grosse

Fill up your guitar toolchest with 14 cool new products from Dwarfcraft, George Dennis, Godlyke, Hardwire, Malekko, Radial Engineering, Totally Wycked Audio, and WMD.

Effects pedals are one of the more affordable vices a rec......Expand

Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5017   |   Reviewed by Paul Vnuk Jr.

Everything you need for exceptional acoustic guitar recording -- miked, DI, or both -- in a portable package.

Thirty years after selling the first company to bear his name, and after three decades spent consulting and design......Expand

iOS Music Tools for Guitarists   |   Reviewed by Mike Metlay

The iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch are turning up in more and more studios, with a wide variety of useful hardware and software for a variety of tasks. We check out 7 guitar-friendly interfaces and apps by Agile Partners, Alesis, Frank Mantek, Peave......Expand

Reviewed and Revisited: BOSS RC-30 Loop Station   |   Reviewed by Mike Metlay

BOSS has added unique new features to its looper pedal; we run down the changes for you.

The BOSS Loop Station has been around for ten years! That's a mind-boggling number to an old loop hand like me, whose experiences with ......Expand

Reviewed and Revisited: IK Multimedia AmpliTube 3.5   |   Reviewed by Paul Vnuk Jr.

This famous plug-in that models an entire guitar signal chain now has a free version -- does that get your attention? Also a new paid version, new features, and a new way to buy models... and we auditioned them all!

Many of ......Expand

Tech21 Blonde   |   Reviewed by Har

Sweet and tasty Fender amp simulation in a pedal that fits any rig.

Tech21's Character Series of pedals are modeled (in an analog sense, not digital) to emulate the sound and feel of a number of classic amps, craftily-rename......Expand

Eventide Space   |   Reviewed by Har

Reverb junkies, take note: some of the most famous spaces in the world now come in a stompbox.

We reviewed Eventide's TimeFactor and ModFactor guitar pedals in November 2008 and the PitchFactor in November 2009. After those ......Expand

RECORDING's Showcase Of Sounds   |   Reviewed by Allen Goodman

Vir2 Instruments Electri6ity.

In this issue about getting great tones, allow me to mention a way to do it even if you don't have a guitar in your studio! Electri6ity, produced by Southern California company Vir2 Instruments,......Expand

TC Electronic Flashback, Shaker, and Hall Of Fame   |   Reviewed by Mike Metlay with Darwin Grosse

These pedals offer great sounds, flexible features, and the unprecedented ability to be instantly and completely reconfigured using Internet downloads.

TC Electronic has been making guitar effects for decades; I drooled over......Expand

It's Your Music -- Know Your Rights. Chapter 16: Licensing Music For Video Games   |   Reviewed by Todd Gascon with Bruce Kaphan

The game market is booming, and there are real opportunities for up-and-coming musicians out there. Know the details of these licensing agreements, so you can collect what your music earns.

Over the past several years the co......Expand


Put Your Foot Down!   |   Written by Har

Guitar effects offer a universe of tonal possibilities... and a world of hurt, from noise, gain mismatches, and unintended consequences when they're wired in the wrong order. Here's a pedal master's primer on how to get the most from your stompbox......Expand

Fat Guitar Tones Without The Mud   |   Written by Brian Tarquin

Downtuned and drop-tuned guitars are all the rage for some genres of modern music, but recording them without turning them into muck can be a real challenge. Learn the tricks of the tuned-down trade here!

A fat tone is one o......Expand

Fade Out   |   Written by Brent Heintz

ASCAP's "I Create Music" EXPO 2011.

In late April, ASCAP held their sixth annual "I Create Music" EXPO at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood, CA. The conference, which caters to musicians and composers aiming to make their m......Expand

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