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February 2010

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Our February issue will give our readers something to sing about—we delve into the art and science of creating great vocals, with solid advice and great gear.

Our centerpiece article by well-respected engineer/producer Bruce Kaphan offers a wide and detailed look at vocal recording techniques; in our Vocal Column, Rick Barrio Dill offers insights on changing approaches to vocals and how a fresh start can lead to unexpected success. We also have reviews on voice-friendly gear like the Avant Electronics BV-1 tube mic and the PreSonus Studio Channel mic/DI channel strip.

But it’s not all about vocals: our Keyboard Column takes a look at building a studio to make best use of keyboards and sound modules, our Guitar Column takes another look at the signal chain of great guitar recordings.

Also in this issue, we review high-profile recording gear like Avid’s Digidesign Eleven Rack guitar interface, KRK’s Ergo tabletop interface and monitor/room tuning system, the TASCAM DR-100 professional field recorder, the MC Control from Euphonix’s Artist Series of controllers, and Camel Audio’s cool new softsynth Alchemy.

Your vocal track is the centerpiece of your song... learn to make it the best it can be with the February 2010 RECORDING!

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Euphonix MC Control   |   Reviewed by Darwin Grosse

A world-class networking and control surface standard in a form any studio can afford.

Have you noticed a new trend in recording hardware? Some of the Great Names Of Recording, in addition to making large-format mixing conso......Expand

Avant Electronics BV-1   |   Reviewed by Paul Vnuk Jr.

Not an imitator -- a new mic with impressive sound.

It has only been a few years since Avant Electronics (Avantone) slipped quietly onto the recording scene, but spend some time on the prominent gear forums and you will see ......Expand

Avid Digidesign Eleven Rack   |   Reviewed by Fernando Curiel

A rackmount guitar interface that replaces an amp... AND a computer full of plug-ins?

Avid’s Digidesign Eleven Rack was not designed just with the contemporary guitarist in mind; producers, audio engineers and anyone interes......Expand

PreSonus Studio Channel   |   Reviewed by Paul Vnuk Jr.

When it's time to upgrade from your basic mixer inputs, check out this handy all-in-one rack.

For close to fifteen years PreSonus has been outfitting studios and musicians with gear that ranges from the budget to the boutiqu......Expand

KRK ERGO System   |   Reviewed by Paul Vnuk Jr.

Tabletop audio interface, monitor controller, and room acoustic correction—all in one.

You cue up some famous recordings you know well and listen closely; next you start mixing your own tracks while trying to get as close as......Expand

TASCAM DR-100   |   Reviewed by Lorenz Rychner

We reviewed its smaller siblings, now comes the top-of-the-line handheld recorder from TASCAM—very capable, very high-end, very practical.

TASCAM, a division of TEAC Corporation, has—in fairly quick succession—released three......Expand

Camel Audio Alchemy   |   Reviewed by Mike Metlay

A power-packed sample playback and synthesis plug-in with a gorgeous sound.

Camel Audio is a British software firm that’s well known for its effects plug-ins and for a really fine additive/resampling software synthesizer cal......Expand


Recording Lead Vocals—All About Isolation and Rejection   |   Written by Bruce Kaphan

No, we’re not talking psychobabble... this article is all about getting your vocals right from the start, whether you’re recording a vocalist alone in an isolation booth or working to get the best rejection of sounds from other instruments as the ......Expand

RECORDING's Vocal Column   |   Written by Rick Barrio Dill

Sometimes, when you’re trying to get the best possible vocal take, it’s time to throw away the recipe book and live dangerously.

Decisions we make often come simply from habit. This is true for us as artists, engineers, prod......Expand

RECORDING's Keyboard Column   |   Written by Devon Brent

We continue our look at designing the perfect keyboard-based studio, with words on rack mounting, cabling, and that mysterious and valuable beast, the patch bay.

In Part 1 (December 2009) we gave you a blueprint for incorpor......Expand

Fade Out   |   Written by Mike Metlay

It Starts With A Handshake.

As I write this, we’re looking forward to the upcoming NAMM Show, where a lot of you will be reading these words in copies of our magazine you’ve picked up on the show floor. This year my job of w......Expand

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