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October 2009

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It's October! Time for the AES Convention, a ton of new recording technology releases, and an issue of RECORDING that's filled to the brim will useful ideas on two of the most important topics our readers want to know about -- Mixing and Mastering.

It's time to take your tracks to perfection with the good advice and useful techniques provided in this issue... many of which come from award-winning engineers who know what they're talking about, yet go against the "common wisdom" everyone supposedly knows. You can find out how Grammy-winner Joe Chiccarelli goes for his best mixes, and learn the simple, basic ideas that get him where he needs to go in a hurry. Mastering guru Bob Katz tells you what you REALLY need to know about mastering... not what "everyone knows is the right thing to do." And we have articles on drum replacement, mixing the oft-abused bass guitar, learning what mastering is all about, and even an article about removing the sound of a room from a recording in that room!

Also in this issue: a comprehensive look at the very affordable, very powerful, very portable, and very VERY cool Zoom R16 recorder/interface/control surface, fantastic mics from Lauten Audio, two very different preamps from Benchmark and Universal Audio, an affordable and great-sounding compressor from Chameleon Labs, and more. There's lots to learn and lots to enjoy in the October 2009 issue of RECORDING!

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Zoom R16   |   Reviewed by Mike Metlay

With or without a computer, this portable recording marvel doesn’t disappoint.

It’s always a treat to see how much the Zoom gearheads manage to cram into a tiny package while keeping it all handy and useful. At the last Wint......Expand

Lauten ST-221 Torch Microphone   |   Reviewed by Paul Vnuk Jr.

A pencil condenser mic with an unusual and seductive sound

It’s hard to believe it’s been a little over two years since we introduced Lauten Audio and its first offering, the Horizon tube microphone, to our readers (August 2......Expand

Benchmark MPA1 Preamplifier   |   Reviewed by Paul J. Stamler

Clarity is the byword in this remarkable little preamp

The MPA1, from longtime pro equipment maker Benchmark, looks pretty basic. It’s a 2-channel 1RU half-rack device, with gain controls, phantom on-off, a highpass filter a......Expand

Reviewed and Revisited: M-Audio ProFire 610   |   Reviewed by Mike Metlay

A time-honored design meets modern DSP tweaks.

In our May 2004 issue, we looked at the FireWire 410, M-Audio’s first affordable multitrack audio interface using FireWire. At the time, USB 2.0 was still a long ways away, and ......Expand

Universal Audio 710 Twin-Finity Preamp   |   Reviewed by Paul Vnuk Jr.

Twin architectures offer infinite tone choices.

In our January 2007 issue we looked at a pair of single-channel microphone preamps by Universal Audio known as the SOLO series. The tube-based SOLO/610 was a direct descendant ......Expand

Plug-In Outlet   |   Reviewed by Mike Metlay and Paul Vnuk Jr.

Reviews of the 2C Audio Aether reverb plug-in and Abbey Road Brilliance Pack.

From the Abbey Road review:

Abbey Road Studios in the 1960s produced what is arguably some of the greatest recorded music of our time, and ......Expand

Chameleon Labs 7802 Tube Compressor   |   Reviewed by Paul Vnuk Jr.

This rack compressor claims tube quality on a budget—does it deliver?

The 7802 from Chameleon labs is a new stereo opto-tube compressor built to evoke the classic optical units of the past, but at a price tag that almost any......Expand

Recording's Showcase of Sounds: Big Fish Audio Stratos   |   Reviewed by Mike Metlay

Stratos: Drones And Atmospheres is a library of texture/drone “construction kits” created by Steve Sechi of Funk/Soul Productions for Big Fish Audio. It’s unusual in that there is practically nothing beat-oriented in the entire library, nor are th......Expand


Joe Chiccarelli and the Perfect Mix   |   Interviewed by Mike Metlay

A Grammy-winning mix engineer/producer talks the talk.

With work for a list of artists ranging from U2 to Elton John, Beck to Rufus Wainwright, Counting Crows to Michelle Branch, and Café Tacuba to Julieta Venegas, and a sol......Expand

Mastering Engineer Bob Katz—The Voice of Experience   |   Interviewed by Fabio Garcia

This famous mastering engineer doesn't let us forget that it is not about the latest tools and techniques (although he uses them all)... it's about the ears, the sound and the musicality.

Read more in the October 2009 issue of RECOR......Expand


The Mixing Workshop: Mixing Bass Guitar, Part 1   |   Written by Sean Shannon

The bass guitar helps form the foundation of a track, and its placement in the mix is crucial to a big, professional sound. Here are some tips to get the bass right in your mixes.

Many times an engineer will be mixing a track that h......Expand

What the Heck IS Mastering?   |   Written by Dave Martin

A studio owner’s look at a sometimes mysterious process.

Looking around on the various online forums, I see that in much the same way that musicians have taken the recording process into their own hands, they’ve also begun d......Expand

Recording's Drum Column   |   Written by Mark Hornsby

We look at drum replacement in Pro Tools once more, with tools both new (Elastic Audio) and old (doing it by hand).

Last month we started a comparison of drum editing techniques in Pro Tools by looking at some of the feature......Expand

Fade Out   |   Written by Scott Dorsey


You’d think that since it’s so easy these days to generate artificial reverberation that it would be easy to remove it too. Who out there hasn’t at one time got the idea that if you invert the output of a di......Expand

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