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April 2009

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There's a lot of gloom and doom about how the music industry is dead or dying, but the fact is, there's more music out there for the listening than ever before. The thing that's ailing is the old-school model of music distribution: pay a lot of money (a record label's if you're lucky, your own if you're not), press a bunch of CDs, sell them, get rich... or not. In this issue of RECORDING, we take a look at other ways to get your music heard and enjoyed and make some money in the process—ways to get beyond the CD.

You'll find fascinating articles on alternative distribution, selling your work to music libraries, and even an intriguing look at how—and why—you might want to make your music available for free. There's lots of cool food for thought here... maybe you'll find your path to music-making success.

Also in this issue: a very enlightening interview from ace remixer/DJ Chris Cox on his latest work for Christina Aguilera, full of editing tips you can use in your home studio; a look at the many fascinating software and soundware products on display at NAMM 2009, continuing our show coverage from last issue; an eye-opening tutorial removing seemingly impossible noises from tracks with Adobe Audition 3; and a whole slate of cool reviews, from pocket-sized field recorders to heavyweight audiophile modules and rack gear.

You'll also find our monthly columns, Readers' Tapes with Marty Peters, and a whole lot more. Get beyond the CD—and get successful—with the help of the April RECORDING!

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Lexicon MX300   |   Reviewed by Mike Metlay

This affordable multi-effects processor plays nicely with your computer.

There was a time when the words “Lexicon” and “entry-level” weren’t exactly compatible. Lexicon made its reputation decades ago as the firm behind the very pow......Expand

Yamaha Pocketrak 2G and Pocketrak CX   |   Reviewed by Mike Metlay

Professional-grade field recording or ultimate portability—you decide.

When you look at portable digital recorders, you weigh advantages in one area vs. shortcomings in another, in an attempt to find a model that best fits your plan......Expand

Reviewed and Revisited: Grace Design m101 Preamp   |   Reviewed by Nick Casares

The Grace Design m101 updates a popular mic preamp with enhanced performance.

I first got to know Grace Design in 2001 when a friend loaned me a Model 201 for a location recording session. It was early in my audio career and I hadn’......Expand

Empirical Labs Lil Freq   |   Reviewed by Paul Vnuk Jr.

An audio innovator applies his unique vision to an eq rack processor.

Question: When is an eq not an just eq?

Answer: When it comes from the creative mind of Empirical Labs’ Dave Derr, and comes out of the box with a ......Expand

LaChapell 583s Tube Preamp   |   Reviewed by Justin Peacock

This 500-Series module has a sound so big it needs an extra rack slot to hold it all.

Talk to any gear designer and they’ll tell you: AC power is critical to good audio. If you have low voltage or a crappy power supply, it’s hard to......Expand

Ultrasone PRO 900 Headphones   |   Reviewed by Mike Metlay

A high-end headphone with the unique Ultrasone sound.

The PRO 900 is the latest headphone by Ultrasone, the German firm that pioneered a new driver alignment system it called S-Logic. In S-Logic, the drivers are slightly angled so t......Expand

RECORDING's Showcase of Sounds.   |   Reviewed by Otso Pakarinen

SONiVOX Anatomy.

SONiVOX’s Anatomy is a Native Instruments Kontakt 2 sample library, based on sounds produced by the human body. The package does not include a Kontakt player, so you have to have Kontakt 2 or 3 already installed on ......Expand

2009 NAMM Show Report—Part 2   |   Reviewed by Mike Metlay

Software, soundware, and instructional materials wrap up our look at cool new offerings at NAMM. Here we go again!

Last month, we rushed to print right after January’s NAMM Show with a roundup of recording hardware products on displ......Expand


Creating the Christina Aguilera Megamix   |   Interviewed by Lorenz Rychner

Ace remixer/DJ Chris Cox does it again for a Greatest Hits megamix, and you can learn from his production process!

Chris Cox is a DJ, remixer and producer, based in his Los Angeles studio, but spending much of his time on airplanes ......Expand


2009 NAMM Show Report—Part 2   |   Written by Mike Metlay

Last month, we rushed to print right after January’s NAMM Show with a roundup of recording hardware products on display in Anaheim. This month, we wrap up our show coverage with a look at recording software, plug-ins, virtual instruments, sound li......Expand

Beyond the CD   |   Written by Mike Metlay

What if your road to success doesn't involve turning a pile of jewelcases into a pile of dollars?

Pardon me while I take off my Editor’s hat for a moment and speak to you as one of the community served by this magazine: a musician w......Expand

Music Libraries   |   Written by Michael Nickolas

An introduction to a whole world of clients eager for your music—no CD required.

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”. That’s a quote that really rings true for the music business. Success in the music business ......Expand

RECORDING's Bass Column   |   Written by Dave Martin

Not only do we examine a famous bass track from history this month, but we get an interesting look at a modern re-creation.

This month’s column will be a bit different than earlier ones; where we’ve been talking primarily about how ......Expand

DAW Details   |   Written by Darwin Grosse

Adobe Audition 3 allows some pretty miraculous fixes with its spectral editing tools. A rude noise in the middle of a sensitive ballad? No problem!

Recording live performance is one of the most difficult recording jobs available. Cr......Expand

RECORDING's Guitar Column   |   Written by Jon Bare

Using a wireless system in the control room yields unexpected benefits.

Christmas has come and gone and each year I like to buy myself a little present. This year I bought myself a Shure PGX guitar wireless system so I could play th......Expand

Fade Out   |   Written by Scott Dorsey

Life After Death.

What happens after we die? I don’t propose to ask about what happens to us when we die; that’s a question for the clergy and I’m only an electron-pusher. But what happens to our work?

I think people ......Expand

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