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March 2009

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When you're building your own studio and don't have a huge record-label advance to fund your wish list, it becomes very important to substitute brains for bucks. You want to be sure you're buying the right pieces when you go to the store... and you want to be sure you're getting the most out of the gear you have already. In this issue of RECORDING, we're bringing you some useful hints on getting the most from your gear, both old and new, with examples of how to repurpose your existing equipment, and strategies for sensible gear purchases.

And speaking of new gear: the NAMM show in January defied gloomy expectations and served up a huge helping of new equipment for your drooling pleasure. Check out Part 1 of our 2-part show report in the March issue.

Also in this issue, ace producer Jeffrey Wood of Fantasy Studios in San Francisco gives us an enlightening interview on what it means to be a producer in today's music world. There's a lot to learn from this honored industry veteran.

All this plus a slate of cool reviews (one of which you can check out in full right here on the website), our monthly columns, Readers' Tapes, and much more. You can't afford to make mistakes when buying gear these days—let the March RECORDING help you make the right choices!

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Jeffrey Wood on the Process of Production   |   Interviewed by Lorenz Rychner

The Studio Director of world-famous Fantasy Studios discusses the role of the Producer as a band takes some good ideas from a demo room to a finished album.

Fantasy Studios at Zaentz Media Center in Berkeley, CA, is one of a handful......Expand


Marshall MXL Genesis Microphone   |   Reviewed by Darwin Grosse

A vocal mic with great tone and undeniable wow factor.

Perhaps the most critical microphone in our studio’s closet is the “go-to” vocal microphone. This is often the most expensive microphone in the collection, and is the first micr......Expand

Olympus LS-10 Linear PCM Recorder   |   Reviewed by Lorenz Rychner

A company famous for speech recorders takes a first step into capturing music.

Olympus makes dozens of pocket-sized recorders for voice recording, analog, digital, some with MP3 players, all roughly the size of the LS-10—but the LS-......Expand

Reviewed and Revisited: Solid State Logic Duende Mini   |   Reviewed by Paul Vnuk Jr.

SSL's powerful DSP engine in a portable form—without compromises.

Back in our July 2007 issue, Justin Peacock gave us our first look at the SSL Duende, a based DSP engine, which brings “the SSL sound to those who lack the SSL budget......Expand

Plug-in Outlet   |   Reviewed by Devon Brent, Nick Casares, and Paul Vnuk Jr.

Schwa Oligarc; Softube Metal Amp Room; Drumstrip for SSL Duende.

Searching for a diamond in the rough—that’s what hunting for something a little different in the modulation effects category feels like these days. Most of the effects......Expand

Mackie MR8 Powered Monitors   |   Reviewed by Nick Casares

A larger woofer yields better bass extension on these affordable nearfield speakers.

The Mackie MR monitor series is a new lineup that’s designed to be more affordable than the flagship HR series, without sacrificing Mackie quality ......Expand

RECORDING'S Showcase of Sounds   |   Reviewed by John Rossi III and Mike Metlay

GForce Virtual String Machine; Cluster Sound Tech Producer DSP.

Back in the mid- to late ’60s the sound of Mellotron strings was a staple of many progressive and hippie rock bands. Mellotrons were prohibitively expensive, however, a......Expand


2009 NAMM Show Report—Part 1   |   Written by Mike Metlay

More new gear than we can pack into one issue! We'll start with hardware, and get to software next month. On with the show...

At the 2009 NAMM Show in Anaheim this January 15–18, there were lots of people in the aisles and lots of n......Expand

New Uses for Old Gear   |   Written by Michael Nickolas

If you have unused gear lying around and some applications in need of the right equipment, maybe all you need is some ingenuity to tie them together.

I admit it—I hate to spend money. I may be cheap, but call me frugal. I use what I......Expand

RECORDING'S Guitar Column   |   Written by Frank Gryner

Part 2 of the Battle of the Bands—multiband compression, that is. Let’s get creative!

Last time we focused on multiband compression as a corrective measure used to fix problematic guitar tracks, as opposed to viewing it as a viable ......Expand

RECORDING'S Drum Column   |   Written by Rick Barrio Dill

Is Less the new More? About the value of simplicity, with a tip of the hat towards Timbaland.

It’s time to record some drums. Maybe you have a home studio and all of your best drum mics are set up and ready to go. Or, maybe instead,......Expand

Upgrading Your Gear   |   Written by Eric Ferguson

Buying new stuff for your studio can be rewarding and fun... but these techniques will keep you from regretting that trip to the store.

Wow, do I like gear! Microphones, processors, computers, amplifiers, guitars, speakers, and plug......Expand

Fade Out   |   Written by Scott Dorsey

The China Syndrome.

The press has been reporting all sorts of incidents of melamine contamination in foods in China, but the media aren’t doing a particularly good job of describing what’s actually going on. Why do we care, and what......Expand

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