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March 2008

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Tone. What a magic word that is—it conjures images of fantastic guitar tracks, smooth bass, slammin’ drums, and much more. When you don’t have tone, you don’t have a record, no matter how much you work on everything else... and in the March Recording we take a look at this elusive, yet vital, aspect of making great music. Read about where tone comes from, what does and doesn’t influence it, and how you can seek and find it, no matter how simple your rig may be.
In this issue, we start our huge 2-part coverage of NAMM 2008, talk to jazz guitar great John Scofield about (what else?) his signature tone, and over a dozen unique product reviews.
Also in this issue: two articles that are bound to cause controversy... a first look at a new audio product endorsement program with some pretty impressive names behind it, and the truth about Microsoft Windows Vista and audio.
All this plus our monthly columns, Song Production in Pro Tools with Mark Hornsby, Readers’ Tapes with Marty Peters, and much more. Find your tone with the March Recording!


sE Electronic Titan Microphone   |   Reviewed by Nick Casares

A space-age diaphragm material yields sonic dividends.

Plug-in Outlet   |   Reviewed by Devon Brent

PSP Audioware PSP Xenon; U-He MoreFeedbackMachine 2.

Chandler Limited Germanium Compressor   |   Reviewed by Paul Vnuk Jr.

Can dynamics control be fun? Yes, if it sounds like this.

Yamaha MSP7 Studio Powered Monitors   |   Reviewed by Nick Casares

The latest MSP monitor offers clarity and punch in the near field.

RME Audio Fireface 400   |   Reviewed by Wallace Winfrey with Darwin Grosse

A high-end interface with world-class routing options.

Recording’s Showcase of Sounds   |   Reviewed by Darwin Grosse

MOTU Ethno Instrument; Equipped Music Smokers Relight Deux.

Synful Orchestra   |   Reviewed by Gary Eskow

A new direction in realistic orchestral sound creation.

Once Over—Reviews In Brief   |   Reviewed by Nick Casares, Justin Peacock, and Mike Metlay

PreSonus Digimax FS; Audio-Technica ATH-M50 headphones; Primacoustic Recoil Stabilizers; Echo Digital Audio AudioFire 2.


2008 Winter NAMM Show Report   |   Written by Mike Metlay and Justin Peacock

Gear, gear everywhere—it must be January in Anaheim again!

John Scofield—Man Of Unmistakable Tone   |   Written by Christian Ver Halen

The eclectic guitarist shares the secrets of his highly personalized sound.

Know Your Tone   |   Written by Stephen Hart

When we talk about ‘tone’, what do we mean?

The Quest For Tone   |   Written by Darwin Grosse

It’s a long and winding road, but the right steps lead to magic.

Recording’s Guitar Column   |   Written by Jon Bare

The man who’s All About Tone offers a checklist for finding tonal problems.

Song Production In Pro Tools Part 3: Tracking Electric Guitars and Keyboards   |   Written by Mark Hornsby

Our song continues to grow as we add the signature melodic and chordal instruments....Expand

Recording’s Vocal Column   |   Written by Marc Urselli

Part 2 of our look at strategies for helping vocalists do their best in the studio.

DAW Details   |   Written by John Rossi III

It’s official—Microsoft Windows Vista rocks for audio use.

Feet First Part 15: Mastering and Delivery   |   Written by Justin Peacock

Our series for the beginning recordist wraps up with tips on delivering a finished product. Time for Justin to kick back with a cold one!

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