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January 2008

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One of modern music production’s big buzz phrases is “in the box”—working in the box, completing a project or a stage of a project in the box... but what actually happens inside that mysterious “box” and how does it affect the quality of your music, for better or worse? In this issue we demystify the process of recording entire projects inside your computer, covering topics from plug-in formats and mixing strategies to safe upgrade paths and killer emulations of larger ensembles. We even talk about when and how to move out of the box and back in again!
In addition, we’re proud to announce two brand-new columns: Song Production in Pro Tools and Plug-in Outlet.
Song Production in Pro Tools: Ace Nashville engineer and educator Mark Hornsby will walk you through the entire process of creating an album-ready song, from writing and pre-production to the finished product, using Digidesign Pro Tools as a platform—although much of the material under discussion will work for any DAW software. Each month we’ll feature downloadable content to go with the text—you won’t want to miss it!
Plug-in Outlet: a new review column for effects plug-ins of all kinds, from standard formats to DSP engine add-ons and bundled special-purpose programs. Short, sweet, to the point, with all you need to know to make vital decisions, Plug-in Outlet will quickly become your go-to source for wisdom on the many plug-ins out there.
All this plus a look at AES 2007, our monthly columns, Readers’ Tapes with Marty Peters, and much more. You can stay in the (computer) box but break out of the (boring old production style) box, all at the same time—just use the January Recording as your guide!


Universal Audio DCS Remote Preamp   |   Reviewed by Paul Vnuk Jr.

More than a pre, it’s an all-in-one DAW monitoring/tracking solution.

TC Electronic VSS3, NonLin2 and DVR2 Reverb Plug-ins   |   Reviewed by Paul Vnuk Jr.

These reverbs add character and sheen to your tracks—on the TC PowerCore or Pro Tools HD.

Reviewed and Revisited: Sony Sound Forge 9   |   Reviewed by John Rossi III

The latest version of Sound Forge adds multichannel capability, exciting new plug-ins, and more, making it a first-call mastering solution.

Plug-in Outlet   |   Reviewed by Justin Peacock and John Rossi III

Recording’s new plug-in review column launches this month with a look at the Massey CT4 compressor and the iZotope Mastering Effects Bundle.

Recording’s Showcase of Sounds   |   Reviewed by Devon Brent and Darwin Grosse

Wallander Instruments WIVI brass modeling instruments; Sample Logic A.I.R. (Ambience Impacts Rhythms) soundbed library.

Audio-Technica AT2010   |   Reviewed by Nick Casares

An end-address version of the AT2020 offers good value for the money.


2007 AES Convention Report   |   Written by Justin Peacock and Mike Metlay

The latest gear from the AES New York trade show.

Mixing “In The Box” vs. Mixing On A Console   |   Written by Sean Shannon

When you eliminate the mixer and try to work entirely inside your computer, what really happens to your workflow... and your music?

An Overview Of Plug-in Formats   |   Written by Darwin Grosse

Figuring out which plug-ins work where is much easier than it was a few years ago.

Upgrading to Leopard—The One-Two-Three Punch   |   Written by Nick Casares

Mac OS X 10.5 can be easy to install without losing audio apps—we show you how!

Mixing In Apple Logic—Part 2   |   Written by Bob Emmet

We explain channel types, address real-world questions, and discuss what’s new in Logic 8 while still referring to Logic 7—we’ve got you covered.

Using An Out-Of-The-Box Summing Mixer   |   Written by John Fishell

Why would you want to take your DAW tracks back out into the scary analog world? Not for the reasons you might suspect.

Recording’s Vocal Column   |   Written by John Fishell

Creating doubled vocals with VocAlign Project.

Recording’s Drum Column   |   Written by Ivan Katz

Starting with a drum track, here’s how one drummer fleshes out a composition.

Song Production In Pro Tools Part 1: Pre-Production   |   Written by Mark Hornsby

Our new series on taking a song from idea to completion within Pro Tools begins with the essentials of pre-production....Expand

DAW Details   |   Written by Devon Brent

In the first of two parts, we discuss when a simple upgrade beats buying a whole new PC.

Virtual Broadway   |   Written by Bob Emmet

Can you create killer theater tracks in the box? Of course, and here’s how!

Feet First Part 13: Soundware—Loops and Virtual Instruments   |   Written by Justin Peacock

Your computer doesn’t just offer a studio inside the box; it has a whole backing band, too.

2007 Annual Index   |   Written by The Editors

Articles, reviews, and interviews from our previous 12 issues.

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