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November 2007

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In November, we take a hard look at guitars—electric and acoustic—and other things with strings. You’ll find tips from a variety of our working-engineer contributors on everything from miking acoustic guitars to recording resonator and mandolin, how to build up the heaviest of heavy electric guitar tracks, how Dream Theater’s John Petrucci got the guitar sound on his latest CD, and even a primer on the Nashville Numbers System. We mix in a nice collection of guitar-centric reviews on everything from modeling software to strobe tuners, give a hard listen to M-Audio’s new EX66 dual-woofer monitors, and offer a photo essay on hanging acoustic treatment in a problem room.
All this plus our monthly columns, Readers’ Tapes with Marty Peters, and much more. You’re pickin’, we’re grinnin’, and it’s all in the November Recording!


M-Audio EX66 Monitors   |   Reviewed by Justin Peacock

An interesting dual-woofer design with lots of analog and digital options.

IK Multimedia AmpliTube 2 and Jimi Hendrix Edition   |   Reviewed by Paul Vnuk Jr. and Christopher Short

These powerful plug-ins let you build your own guitar stack from a variety of tools, including faithful reproductions of Hendrix’s signature rigs.

Recording’s Showcase of Sounds   |   Reviewed by Darwin Grosse and Mike Metlay

Vir2/Big Fish Audio Acoustic Legends HD; M-Audio Essence of China.

Once Over—Reviews in Brief   |   Reviewed by Mike Metlay, Darwin Grosse, Justin Peacock, and Fernando Curiel

TC Electronic Nova Delay and Reverb pedals; IK Multimedia StealthPlug; Peterson StroboFlip tuner; Line 6 Pocket POD.


John Petrucci of Dream Theater   |   Interviewed by Fernando Curiel

Modern prog rock’s hottest guitarist talks about the beauty of simplicity when recording the band’s newest album Systematic Chaos.


Acoustic Guitar Miking Options   |   Written by Eric Ferguson

Everything you need to get great sound from your acoustic.

Heavy Guitar Tracks for the Masses   |   Written by Nick Casares

Step by step, building up a wall of crunch for your rock recordings.

Recording Acoustic Music   |   Written by Dave Martin

From acoustic and resonator guitar to mandolin, bass, fiddle, and more, here are some hot tricks for capturing sweet Nashville sounds.

Recording’s Guitar and Vocal Columns   |   Written by Giles Reaves

Another perspective on recording the singing guitarist.

Feet First Part 11: Effects Part 3—Reverb, Delay, and Other Effects   |   Written by Justin Peacock

Put some space in your mixes with these powerful plug-ins.

Hands On: Installing Acoustic Treatment Panels In A Troublesome Room   |   Written by Justin Peacock

What actually goes into “treating a room”? In this photo essay, we take a bare office and set up treatment panels to tame its tone.

DAW Details   |   Written by Devon Brent

Before you buy a Windows audio laptop, be aware of some important issues.

Recording’s Guitar Column   |   Written by Muriel Anderson

A stereo mic puts magic into a guitar recording project.

In The Studio: The Nashville Number System   |   Written by Dave Martin

A studio tool that saves time and money: a common musical language, Nashville-style.

Recording’s Drum Column   |   Written by Justin Peacock

The right eq can really bring out the power in your kick drum tracks.

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