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A Brief History

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In 1986, Music Maker Publications, Inc. (MMP) was formed to launch Music Technology magazine in the United States.

Founders Terry Day and Dennis Hill had already established a successful publishing operation in the United Kingdom, which published several music magazine titles including Music Technology and Home & Studio Recording. Their idea was to establish a company in the United States that would mirror their publishing operation in England.

October 1987 Recording Magazine Issue

Partnered with a U.S. based management team, Terry and Dennis launched Music Technology magazine from their new corporate offices in Canoga Park, California and the timing was just right. In the days when MIDI and digital technology were being developed and refined, Music Technology rapidly gained a devoted readership, passionate about their music and hungry for news and information about the evolving technologies in the audio industry.

Brent Heintz, who is today the co-owner and Vice President of MMP, was responsible for selling the first ad pages to appear in Music Technology. He had enough early success that the partners quickly decided to expand the operation by launching Home & Studio Recording magazine and, shortly thereafter, Rhythm magazine. (Brent also sold the first ad to appear in Home & Studio Recording).

Music Maker Publications grew rapidly with the success of the three titles and was soon too large for the original office space in Canoga Park. The move was made to Chatsworth, CA in early 1988 and new employees were hired. Tiffany Sepe was hired to work in the circulation department and shortly thereafter Tom Hawley (now co-owner/President) came on board to take over ad sales responsibilities for Home & Studio Recording. In early 1990 Tom Hawley was promoted to the position of General Manager. MMP then combined Music Technology and Home & Studio Recording into one magazine.

July 1994 Recording Magazine Issue

Later that year, owners Terry Day and Dennis Hill sold the US version of Rhythm magazine. Music Maker carried on with a single title, Home & Studio Recording, which gained recognition over time as an honest, well-written and authoritative source of information for the recording musician.

In 1992, Tom Hawley was elected President of the corporation and soon moved the offices back to a facility in Canoga Park, just 2 blocks from the original offices. In December of 1992, Lorenz Rychner joined the editorial staff of Home & Studio Recording, bringing with him a lifetime of experience as a recording musician, author and teacher (at the esteemed Grove School of Music).

Responding to a growing need within the pro audio industry, Music Maker Publications launched a Spanish language edition of Home & Studio Recording in 1993. Broadening its editorial scope, the magazine was later re-titled as Músico Pro in 1996.

Garage Band Issue

On January 17, 1994 the Northridge Earthquake devastated the offices of Music Maker Publications. Overcoming the destruction and piecing the office back together from the wreckage, the employees of MMP persevered and didn’t miss a single issue—a true testimony to the dedication and determination of the company’s employees.

Beginning with the July 1994 issue the “Home & Studio” was dropped from the magazine’s title. Recording soon garnered a new level of respect and prominence in the pro-audio industry.

In February of 1996 Brent Heintz was elected to the office of Vice President and promoted to the position of Associate Publisher.Dr. Mike Metlay, PHD joined the editorial team in April 1996 and continues to provide a wealth of talent as recording musician, writer, editor, administrator and glue.

20th Anniversary Issue

In May of 1996 Music Maker Publications relocated its offices to Boulder, Colorado. The move was prompted by the 1994 earthquake and subsequent events in California that made the idea of greener pastures very appealing. Several locations were scouted and Boulder was selected for a number of reasons including the local music scene, the university and the lifestyle in general provided by the area. It proved to be a good move.

In 1997 Terry Day and Dennis Hill sold Music Maker Publications, Ltd. in the UK. In May of 1999 Brent Heintz was made a full partner in Music Maker Publications, Inc., and in September of 2002 Tom Hawley and Brent Heintz became the sole owners of Music Maker Publications, Inc.

Recording Magazine Founders

In late 2005, Justin Peacock (writer, now Web Editor) helped MMP produce a new publication: Recording with Apple’s GarageBand 2. Born of need, the publication spoke to a new generation of recording musicians who, for the first time, had the means to record their music direct to their computer with Apple’s free recording software. A huge success on the newsstand, Recording with Apple’s Garage Band 2 paved the way for future specialty publishing projects.

That’s not the end of the story. MMP’s goal, as it has always been, is to publish magazines for musicians that are informative, educational and honest. The first consideration shall always be the reader.

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