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AES—Not Just A Yearly Affair But Local—For You, Too?

AES—Not Just A Yearly Affair But Local—For You, Too?

October 23, 2009

Every year we report on the AES Convention, and you could be forgiven for getting the impression that this is the one and only thing the AES is noteworthy for. Sure, it is the big tradeshow where equipment and product is trotted out, and where also numerous panel discussions and paper presentations take place, so it is a high-visibility affair. 

If you have travel fever or need an excuse to hop across the pond, there will be an AES Convention in London, UK, in May 2010...

But I'd like to take this opportunity to encourage you to look into the AES as a resource for you locally. There are numerous local AES groups across the country, and aside from making good contacts at their events (this is, after all, a "who-you-know" as much as a "what-you-know" business) you can learn a lot from their activities.

Case in point: Here in Denver the local AES group met on 10-21-09 and a few members who had attended the AES Convention in NYC earlier this month reported on what they had seen. Great for those who couldn't go to NYC, and just as great for some others who did go to the Convention, since nobody can see and attend everything while there, so this kind of sharing is very useful.

'Nuff said—your meager membership fee will be well spent. Look into it.

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