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Posting Post-AES

Posting Post-AES

October 14, 2009

OK, I lied, I never blogged during the show... My colleague Mike Metlay had better luck with internet access - read his day-to-day blog (the wi-fi situation at the Javits Convention Center was a joke, and not a funny one...). I'm back home, digging out from under, and looking back over the photos I took and never got to upload.

As you can see in the intro picture, Jeff Laity of TASCAM (2nd from right) is a happy camper hosting his visitors, because TASCAM ( has changed strategy - now releasing new products at AES in time for the end-of-year buying instead of at NAMM in January. No less than 14 products, many of them of immediate interest to the recording musician at large. How about a new Digital Portastudio, the DP-008, small enough to fit into a guitar case (or a deep coat pocket...)? For probably less than $300 when it comes out later this month, with two XLR inputs and two built-in mics and much more?

The US-2000 is a 16-input USB (2.0) interface with 8 mic pres, a meter bridge and much more.

The VL-M3 is a new pair of affordable stereo monitors for home recording, computer use and mixing, for under $100.

And for the high-end specialist, the HS-P82 is an 8-track hi-res field recorder (self-contained in a box) with 8 mic pres and more, for location recording (music, film, television...), for just under 5 Grand. 

Peter Chaikin of JBL showed a new monitor control system that we'll be reviewing soon in RECORDING, the MSC1 ( It impressed both Brandon Jackson (in the red jacket) who is a recording student at Flashpoint Academy in Chicago, and Pierre Salandy who hails from Easton, PA.  

Tony O'Keefe of CAD Microphones ( showed visitor John DiNicola (with headphones) the new 1600V with continuously variable pickup range.   

Over at the Muse Research booth I caught John H. Emrich, Sound Designer for FXpansion (, grooving hard while triggering drum sounds from the BFD2 sound library.  

Adam Audio's founder, chief physicist and éminence grise Karl Heinz, Adam's US President Robert Caputo (not in picture) and Vice-President Roger Fortier (right) are pleased with the response to the new SX Series monitor systems that they're showing in 2.1 and 5.1 configurations. (   

Korg was busy showing some of their popular keyboards and other products, and their booth got a lot of attention when word got out that Korg is re-releasing the Wavedrum! (   

Sony's booth was busy - here Karl Kussmaul (left) and Art Gonzalez (right) explain the new products, of which the portable digital recorder PCMM10/R caught our eye - look for a review soon (  

Our Boulder neighbors Grace Design ( showed their range of mic pres; here, r., are Doug Wood, Michael Grace and Vijay Harikrishna, resting their voices and their feet during a rare quiet moment.  

Helping out at the Glyph booth was producer Lisa Chamblee-Hampton, here holding up the new GT 062E hard drive that we'll be reviewing soon ( Lisa is heavily involved in an all-women audio and documentary project you can check out at  

Millennia Music & Media Systems ( was represented by President John La Grou (2nd from left) and Managing Director Joel Silverman (center foreground).  

Tonelux Designs' president, Paul Wolff, announced lower prices for the entire TONELUX product range (  

Manley Labs ( opted for a patriotic color scheme, in concert with their slogans "Buy American" and "Made in Chino, not China." That's Ryan Kato preaching to the masses. 

Royer Labs' spirited team consisted of ( Greg Hanna, Mike Silver, and Rick Perrotta (

Cascade Mics ( showed, among their other products, the new Fat Head II, seen below in a Blumlein configuration with the stereo adaptor bar (pic from Cascade website).  


Sticking with the bird theme, Crane Song Ltd. ( featured the Flamingo preamp among other fine-feathered products like the Ibis, the Phoenix, the Avocet...

DPA microphones ( manned a booth with a striking graphic background design. Joan Myers graciously gave us a closer look at the 4099-G guitar mic system, which was being demoed beautifully at the booth throughout the day, along with DPA's new piano miking setup on a baby grand.

Not to be outdone in the graphics department, API, which turned 40 at the AES (congratulations again!), had a towering booth display where they introduced the 527 Compressor (

Mackie ( had the Onyx as the dominant flagship theme.  

Euphonix ( promoted the S5 Fusion digital audio mixing system and the Eucon Control Protocol that has been gaining support from Magix Sequoia, Steinberg Nuendo, Apple Final Cut Studio, and others.

Eventide's booth had the stomp boxes out front - and many visitors couldn't resist the temptation to try them out (

Shure ( was there in force, promoting - among other products - the new SM27 Multi-Purpose Condenser Microphone, a new pair of ribbon mics designed by Crowley and Tripp, and a brand-new line of studio and DJ headphones.

Back at our booth we enjoyed the company of our booth neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Chae Ham of Prodigy Engineering (, displaying their product line of mic preamps, shown here with our own Brent Heintz and Tom Hawley in the background. 

Not sure what it all means, but it sure was eye-catching, the flame display at the Monster Cable booth (  



Wherever you go, frequent contributor Scott Dorsey has already been there, camera in hand - nothing escapes him.  



Sunday night after the show, frequent RECORDING contributor Joe Albano and yours truly visited our friend and contributor Marc Urselli on his stomping grounds, Lou Holtzman's famous studio Eastside Sound. Marc pretty much runs it these days. We had a good time catching up with Lou and trading travel stories after his recent jaunt to Switzerland and Paris.

Edijs Rudzis of JZ Microphones Ltd ( had booked the studio for a mic demo and mini shoot-out, and a drum kit was miked and ready for action.  

Then the ever-so-talented guitarist/singer/songwriter Leah Siegel ( performed songs from her recent CD "Little Mule" (


Good singing, good sound, good music, good company. Thanks, Leah, Joe, Marc, Lou, and Edijs!



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October 15, 2009 at 11:43 am

That Tom Hawley guy sure has a long arm...

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