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“Print things. Obviously, you’re going to have to print effects on with guitars and drum machines, because you can’t tie up your only piece of outboard gear on your drums. If it sounds good going down, by all means, print it! Print a stereo mix with the effects if it sounds good. Commit, commit!”- Tom Lord Alge

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NAMM Day Three—Saturday

January 18, 2009

This is where we are headed every morning, and the weather is at least as nice as it looks here!

In case you're wondering what NAMM stands for - this is a bit of a mystery these days. There was a time when it clearly stood for National Association of Music Merchants. But no more - NAMM has gone international in its reach, also involving manufacturers and educators and the press, so when it was time for a change, the letters NAMM were presumably too well entrenched to be abandoned. The full former wording never appears any longer - instead you have this mystifying conbobulation:

Josquin des Près from Trackstar Studios in San Diego came by, he once again is sharing hands-on details of a couple of recent projects with our readers; stay tuned for articles to follow!

Yesterday the unmistakable sound of the Hammond organ caught my ear in passing through the halls. Today it was a Moog, here played expertly by Eric Levy; the instrument is the Little Phatty Stage II.

An anonymous visitor, deeply communing with the almighty stack...

My thanks to the many visitors who came by our booth, old and new friends alike, bringing news, article ideas, products and services to pitch, or just to say Hi. Tomorrow is our last chance to see all and everybody we need to see. Will we make it? Wish us luck and stamina...

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