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ďMost of the time, itís not so much the equipment as how you use it. Iíve heard people with really cheap studios do great recordings, and Iíve heard people that have worked in very good facilities come out with awful sounding recordings. So itís how itís used, and the quality of the engineer.Ē- Frank Gambale

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Jeremiah is still a bullfrog after all these years...

January 4, 2009

...and that line still doesn't make sense, but that didn't stop a big crowd from singing along last night at Denver's Boettcher Concert Hall.

Drummer Pat Bautz, no stranger to the readers of Recording, was in town again, in his 16th year of gigging with Three Dog Night. He drives the band with his inspired drumming, while behind him on this gig the Colorado Symphony Orchestra was conducted by Larry Baird who wrote the band's symphonic charts.

Everybody put on a highly professional show despite the less-than-ideal acoustics of the cavernous hall; much of the credit goes to the sound crew.†

The audience loved the retro trip, and we all had a great time at Marlowe's after the gig, trading war stories over an adult beverage or three. Plots were hatched for future articles about recent studio happenings—stay tuned.

Oh yes, lest I forget—Joy To The World and all that.

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