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And The Winner Is...

January 2, 2009

You've been hearing them, over and over, whether you liked it or not, and maybe you're as glad as I am that it's over for another year—no more Christmas songs.

Which do you think was broadcast on the radio the most over the last five years (not including 2008 yet)?

The winner is (scroll down, the suspense is killing you):




Winter Wonderland, performed by the Eurythmics (written by Felix Bernard and Richard B. Smith).

Surprised? And—sez who? Sez Mediaguide, co-owned by ASCAP. Read the entire list of the most-played 25 songs (and hear them, again, if you can handle one more time...) at .

Not on the list this time around: The only Christmas song never to get old to my ears—Santa Baby, when performed by the inimitable Ms Eartha Kitt. Grrrr...


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