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Folks I Like: The Estimable Mr. Dorsey

December 18, 2008

Once again, as preface to a fun little blog entry, I would like to introduce you to an important member of my personal play's cast of characters: Scott Dorsey.

Scott's is a name that you'll recognize if you've been reading our magazine for any length of time. He's an aficionado of well-made electronics of all kinds, a collector of everything from ribbon mics to odd old test equipment, and our guru on call for matters of audio circuit design, the history and practice of audio recording gear, and the basics of everything from high-end ribbon fabrication to low-end Chinese factory practices.

Scott's a bit of a hero to our readers who enjoy DIY mods and projects—his designs for everything from drop-in replacement circuit boards for inexpensive Chinese mics to mechanical upgrades for Oktavas are perennial hits with the readership. Up until recently, we charged a couple of bucks a pop for color reprints of his recent DIY articles (and we still have them if you like nice hardcopy or want full-size templates for circuit board etching), but his most popular projects are now available for free from our Resource Library.

Scott's also a bit of a hero for having the courage to stand up and call a spade a spade when he has to. If a manufacturer claims that a microphone is built entirely in its own factory where no other firm is making competing products, Scott's not shy about sitting down with company reps and showing them photos of their mic, disassembled to show another company's logo on the circuit board. If a manufacturer claims that it's impossible for him to be hearing hum and resonance in his audio tests, Scott provides the recordings, and just for good measure, he'll hand out a hand-sketched reverse-engineered schematic indicating where the problem is and how it should be fixed. We like Scott a lot, because we know he gives our readers what they need to know, and if it costs us an ad or two here and there, oh well, what the hell.

I am also very pleased to call Scott a friend. He's a laugh riot when discussing everything from classic science fiction novels to incredibly bad B-movies, he can always be counted on for a quick explanation of some technical matter or another, and to date he's the only person I know who can get my youngest daughter to eat Cambodian food.

At least one world-class mic maker has said when delivering a new mic for review, "Do me a favor and give it to Dorsey. At least from him, I'll learn how I can make it better." We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

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Todd says

December 27, 2008 at 4:29 pm


He sounds like a really incredible fellow to say the least. What I find really interesting is the honesty with the manufacturers...who are also advertisers in the magazine. To "bite the hand that feeds" takes courage and integrity. At most of the forums I lurk, any audio magazines reviews are considered worthless...or better yet "paid endorsements". For what it's worth, I don't feel that feel that way most of the time, unless the review is just too glowing, then I just blow it off. The reviews that are balanced between strengths and weakness are the reviews I tend base decisions off of. With that said, thanks Scott for being straight up! Happy New Year to All!

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