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“If you don’t have the technical chops to put together a viable listening medium, all the good ideas in the world won’t get on tape.”- Bruce Swedien

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The Nashville Recording Workshop 2013

May 16, 2013

I just got back from Nashville, where I got to participate in the fourth annual Nashville Recording Workshop + Expo, sponsored by the AES Nashville Section. It's a two-day collection of lectures, demonstrations, and seminars devoted to helping out the music professional in search of great ideas and inspiration as well as technical polish.

The session's first day highlighted Sugarland's Kristian Bush wowing the audiences with a fantastic keynote speech and a lecture following a song from initial idea to final mix. Other highlight sessions from the two days included Lynn Fuston with a lineup of eight under-$200 microphones and a singer in a blind comparison test, a series of lectures on music business matters ranging from copyright to cybermarketing, practical sessions on studio wiring and acoustics, and even a slightly crazed Associate Editor of Recording offering a lecture on the iPad in the modern studio. Great fun was had by all, and I'll be doing a more detailed writeup in the magazine as soon as possible (hey, it would be in the July issue, out in a few weeks, but I gave my spot to Wes Dooley... and who could blame me?)

More to come, but for now, I shall close with a photo of Yours Truly talking up the Sony PHA-1 portable DAC, and say thank you to Art Gonzales of Sony for the shot... and also a thank you to Jim Kaiser of AES and everyone who so kindly hosted me in Nashville... with a special thank you to Dave and Carolyn Martin of Java Jive Studios.

Mike Metlay at NRW 2013 showing the Sony PHA-1

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