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Jim Roach

June 20, 2012

Dear Readers,

I just had the pleasure of interviewing Jim Roach, an up and coming producer in LA, for a son-to-be-released issue of Recording.

Here are some cool quotes:


“The process starts with me finding something that I fall in love with on an artistic level. For me it generally means a voice that's unmistakable and compelling. A very close second to a classic voice is that the artist has an innate ability to write great songs, and have something to say. There has to be an intangible quality that I can't put my finger on. Lastly, they have to have heart and be willing to work harder than they ever have! Finding someone with all of this is so incredibly rare in my experience. As with all art, what qualifies as "great" is subjective but I have to rely on my own ears and trust that what I find compelling, others will to. These artists range from someone who lives in their car and works at a grocery store (true story) to someone that's already selling out venues and is on major tours. I am not biased as to how successful they've been up to that point if I fall in love with it.  A lot of times I'll sign someone that has "good" songs, but an unforgettable voice because I know from what I heard that the ability is there for them to develop into a "great" songwriter.”

Don't miss this interview!


Beto Hale



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