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Folks I Like: Dr. Mrs. Dr.

November 24, 2008

One of the things I said in my very first blog entry was that I enjoy the people in my musical life (both inside and outside of this magazine) way more than the boxes I use to make music. I am very lucky and blessed in the people who surround me, and it occurs to me that some of them will be recurring characters in my blogs for one reason or another, and others will be worthy of your note even if not. So look for occasional blog entries entitled, "Folks I Like".

This first one will be quick as it mainly serves as an intro to the blog entry that will follow it, but it's an important one, so listen up.

A fair number of my friends are, for one reason or another, single. Some people don't think much about this one way or another, enjoying the benefits of sharing their lives with another soul when they have that opportunity and sailing along perfectly content when they're alone. Others agonize over their loneliness to the point where it impacts negatively on their lives and health. Thinking back on my youth, I'm pretty damn sure I'd be one of the latter. Fortunately, and not a day goes by that I don't thank God for this, I'm not alone. I have two lovely daughters, and perhaps even more importantly than that, I have Dr. Mrs. Dr., my wife of 18 years plus.

Suzanne is an amazing woman: Ph.D. in planetary geology, meteorite hunter in Antarctica, educator, writer, international space-travel security advisor, sucker for good political humor and bad romance novels, incredibly patient wife and mother. I call her Dr. Mrs. Dr. because we're often asked how we should be referred to when we're a two-Ph.D. family, and my flippant response is, "We're Dr. Mr. Dr. and Dr. Mrs. Dr." (For the record: call me Mike, or if you absolutely insist, Dr. Metlay. I am not a Mr. and haven't been since I earned my Doctorate, and as silly as it may seem, that still means a lot to me. I didn't sweat and agonize for a third of my life to get it, only to forget I earned it. Sue me.)

She puts up with an extraordinary amount from me: I can be the absent-minded professor sometimes and not be on top of the things our family needs to be doing, and she's very patient in setting me straight. She's a great listener and sounding board, wickedly smart and funny (despite her claims of having no sense of humor), and she absolutely positively hates my music, end to end, but lets me do it without interference because she knows it keeps me sane and happy. 18 years, several moves, and two kids down the road, she is, more than ever, my best friend, and someone I not only love more than life itself but really like a whole lot.

So: eyes open for references to Dr. Mrs. Dr. (DMD for short, apologies to any dentists reading this blog), and respect for the lady who keeps me honest, healthy, and as sane as I ever am, which admittedly isn't saying much.

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