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Greetings from L.A.

December 2, 2011

Hi, Everyone!

Just a quick note to say hi and introduce myself; I'll be writing regularly about different aspects of Recording music at home, in a studio, a bathroom... wherever you can find some peace and quiet!

I will try to cover a broad range of topics, and, of course, your comments and suggestions are always welcome.


To start, here is my bio... (see below)


All the best,


Beto Hale

Beto Hale was born in Mexico City. After discovering his parents' Beatles collection at age 8, he knew he would pursue music as a career.

Starting with the drums, Beto added guitar, piano and voice to his arsenal, making his first recordings using two cassette machines to bounce takes, later graduating to his beloved Porta One, which is still in his possession (although he now prefers more up-to-date technology).

Beto holds a Bachelor's degree in Songwriting/Performance from Berklee College of Music and a Master's Degree in Composition from the University of Denver.

Beto began his association with Music Maker Publications as a contributing writer for the very first issue of Musico Pro, in May of 1996, as he was completing his coursework at Berklee. Moving to Denver after an intense two year stint as an assistant engineer at a Times Square recording studio, he became the magazine's Editor-in-Chief, a position he held for six years before moving from Colorado to Los Angeles.

However, Beto never stopped contributing articles, interviews and reviews to both Recording and Musico Pro.

Beto has released two full-length albums of his own, and will release his third in 2012. Two singles are now available on iTunes (hint-hint).

This last collection of original songs was recorded at his home studio in L.A., and features bassist Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel) and Marc Mann (Oingo Boingo/Danny Elfman) on guitar.

His “near-Beatle experiences” include meeting Sir George Martin and taking drum lessons with Denny Seiwell, Paul McCartney’s first drummer after The Beatles.

Beto is excited to be back on staff with Music Maker Publications as Recording’s Editor-At-Large in L.A., and Musico Pro's Contributing Editor.


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