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Far and Away Studios - A Boulder Discovery

March 8, 2011

Had the pleasure of catching up with frequent contributor Brian Tarquin who flew in from New York. He invited me over to the studio of a friend of his, former New Yorker Geoff Gray, at Geoff's Far and Away Studios ( on the outskirts of Boulder. 

Geoff has been in the area since 2000 when he bought the semi-rural property and set out the renovate not only the big house (he’s proud to state that his marriage survived the major kitchen renovation...) but also a separate structure in back. That used to be an office space made to look like a barn, and many crafty decisions later, with the help of design and building wizard Richard Eberhardt, Geoff has turned it into a great recording space. 

His gear list is of the kind that gives the average recording musician spasms of rack envy. Ben Fausch who assists Geoff is one happy camper working in such a fabulous place (I have yet to hear Ben play his tuba in the Balkan band that will be recording at Far and Away in the next few days...).

Geoff promised to let me pick his brain about some of the fine details I saw in his studio, to share them with Recording’s readers in upcoming issues.

Brian is the one in the colorful shirt, I'm the one with the worried look ("will my camera work?"), Geoff is just his happy self...


4 Responses to Far and Away Studios - A Boulder Discovery

David Snider says

March 9, 2011 at 11:59 am

I work all the time with Geoff and it is by far the best studio anywhere. Besides being a guitar players dream, with every guitar and amp you could possibly want, it has the best of both worlds, 2 -24t rack Studers hooked up in sync with the latest Pro Tools HD system, not to mention a fantastic array of mics, preamps and rack gear to die for. All this, with the beautiful backdrop of the Rockies in a very relaxed atmosphere. When you work there, you just want to roll up a cot and live there forever!

Dave Johnston says

April 25, 2011 at 9:00 am

Greetings Geoff,I am a voice talent residing in your backyard practically,here in Denver,it would be great to hook up some time,and visit your studio, as always best wishes in your endeavors,and hope to hear from soon.Dave

Gary Paul Gosik says

July 24, 2012 at 7:57 pm

I have worked with Geoff and am agian working with him. He is my mentor

Judith says

July 23, 2014 at 10:01 am

Geoffrey I am wondering if Gary could get a letter of recommendation from you. He is with me in the Vegas area. There are many jobs here. I am not sure why he has not asked you for this but he does need something. The millineum generation wants instant gratification. He must get some work and then he will be able to have his own studio. Would you be able to provide something for his resume? My brother has some connections but Gary is somewhat fearful of doing this. Any help you could provide I would appreciate. You are his role model and there is no no one who comes close. Thank you Geoff. Please don't tell him I contacted you. You are a wonderful person with my greatest of respect. Thank you. Judy Gosik 720-275-6488

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