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NAMM 2011 - Impressions Of Day Three

January 15, 2011

Just a few quick memories of a long and busy day:

First thing in the morning, an absolutely electrifying band marched through the huge convention hall, grooving and dancing and keeping formation as well as could be done in the narrow aisles - the youngsters gave it their all and collapsed at the final “offstage” hallway location, pleading for water... My hastily shot pix don’t do them justice, but still, credit where it's due...

Roland had a lot going on in its new Arena location. Two guys rocking the house

and three entirely battery-powered girls performing catchy 3-part harmonies

were just two of the many stages among the many demo setups.

Here's one that you might have secretly been wishing for in the past: A silent and effortless page-turning device for your own music or for that on the stands of musicians recording in your studio? If you have a way of displaying your music on a screen—computer, iPad, any size monitor, whatever—you can use foot pedals to turn pages. Silently, if you buy the foot switch from AirTurn Inc (www.airturncom).

If the iPad is your medium, it helps to have the Xclip iPad Music Stand from—it mounts on mic stands and swivels.

This eye-catching Emulator screen lets you select and program sounds and execute other functions entirely by touch, making it a crowd-mesmerizing DJ tool. It’s either 32” or 42” in size, translucent, and mounts on its own stand. Hard to photograph with my little camera, you’ll get better views at

I almost overlooked this instrument as yet another ukulele, except that the sound I heard was that of a bass. Good bass, too. So I stopped and looked, and this is what I saw:

Check it out at - it comes as fretted or fretless, and they also make a 5-string bass that’s not much bigger.


Tomorrow's the last show day, and soon you'll be reading our show report.  

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