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NAMM 2011 - Impressions Of Day Two

January 14, 2011

Friday started with our friends at Sonnox (Oxford Plugins, who advised me that the long-awaited mastering solution for web audio is only weeks away from being released. Sonnox worked with the folks at Fraunhofer (German research institute largely responsible for formats like MP3) to come up with a plug-in that processes audio in such a way that discrepancies between the full-resolution master and the MP3 or AAC versions are supposed to disappear. On-the-fly A/B comparisons will enhance the workflow. We’re keen to review it when it comes out.

Another clever idea comes implemented from Switzerland and should come to market in one or the other product from major audio companies later this year: Archwave ( offers the guts to a multitrack recorder that requires neither a computer nor a harddrive - it records to a USB flashstick (2.0 or 3.0), up to 16 tracks in 16- or 24-bit .WAV format. More will come to light once negotiations have been concluded with companies that will present this recorder as a finished product.

Another clever digital product I saw: The Sample Lab app from fotoh LLC, for the Apple iPad, costing all of $8. Samples, replays, sequences (currently at finest resolution being 16th notes in 4/4 time) across 8 tracks.

Harman has followed suit with Avid’s opening up of Pro Tools - Harman has shown some devices that now can speak the Pro Tools language - check the website for details. Those of you who do small gigs and appreciate a handy and good-sounding gig PA for a quick in-and-out, check out the Harman website for the new Eon products.

It’s not all digital, of course - synth-heads like those at 

and at

can’t get enough patch cables to go here, there, and where else? The left/lower one is the new VCA Matrix. And you can play the same game with pedals, of course. also from

Live music is never far away at NAMM - even under the scary header of MIDI Player. There was nothing MIDI-sounding or quantized in the playing of saxist Dean Moore and guitarist Ted Langford, and when they ended a song, there was no need for a panic button sending All Notes Off On All 16 Channels...

Didn’t catch the name of these three lads, but they made the most of the four chords I heard them play before they took a break, and warm applause attested to their popularity with the NAMM crowd down in Hall E.

And now for something so analog, it warms the cockles of your heart, or, rather, your wrists on a cold day: Wristies! Keep your wrists warm on a cold gig, indoors or out, and not wearing gloves is less of a pain if your wrists are covered. It gets no simpler than this:

More highlights tomorrow...

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Moore says

January 15, 2011 at 11:57 pm

Dear Mr Rychner, Your Magazine is an insparation, and a blessing to many, keep up the good work, a fan always. Dean & Angela Moore,

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