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Tonight's The Night

December 14, 2010

Can't wait to get to the Boettcher Hall where Dianne Reeves appears with her quartet and with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra (Marvin Hamlish guest-conducting).

Not only has she been a fave of mine since her debut days at Hollywood's Two Dollar Bill (ages ago - would she even remember those gigs?), but tonight's performance is being recorded, once again, by Mike Pappas and his crew.

He emailed me last night and sent me a diagram of the signal flow - don't try this at home, folks, it might strangle your pets:

"...Very complex system build with more than 70 inputs total (we are only using 40) including splitting MADI between two DiGiCo consoles and feeding an analog monitor mixing console. It all worked right out of the gate with only a clocking issue which was solved. But we put in 1500 foot of MADI cable....."


I wish I could post this larger - I'll post four quadrants, with overlaps, in the hope that you'll be able to make sense of them. The order is top left, low left, top right, low right:







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