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TASCAM Portastudio Nostagia

December 10, 2010

This morning I posted an item in this website's NEWS section about a new app for the Apple iPad - a TASCAM Portastudio emulation - that brought on a serious case of nostalgia. Six hours later I'm still not over it.

I never had an actual Portastudio - not the desktop "console-like" model. I had the rack-mount model 234, and was it cool or what!

I remember doing 4-part counterpoint exercises for composition class, and with only two hands, how do you get to hear the four voices? By playing them into the 234, that's how! Late at night, from my DX7, with headphones - didn't matter, nobody got hurt, you can sleep when you're old (and then you say... yeah yeah, we know...).

Can nostalgia be cured? Off to the fridge, maybe there is some medicine waiting.

What was your first multi-tracker? Does this question cause you pain and suffering from nostalgia? What's in your fridge?

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