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AES 2010 - More Impressions

November 6, 2010

Saturday is over - this is what it looked like upon entering the downstairs hall with the show floor.

Let's take a random tour, shall we?

Avalon Design's Simona Maret (Customer Service & Sales), still all smiles late in the day...

Beesneez is a name that's is not only fairly new on the scene - a microphone company from Australia with an increasing presence at USA retailers - but a name that begins to make even more sense when you learn that the founder and Managing Director is Ben Sneesby (on the right), here with Corporate Director Troy Grogan and Operations' Director Veronica Sneesby.

Clasp founder/inventor Chris Estes and Amy Becker, VP, are hosting the Clasp exhibit (Closed Loop Analog Signal Processor, "Bridging The Gap Between Analog And Digital Recording") at the lively Vintage King booth. 

Crane Song always has the pastoral background on display at their tradeshow booths, matching the color scheme of their products, here explained by Dave Hill.

Harman has Casey Young (Western Regional Manager, Lexicon Sales) on hand (left) to explain the PCM line-up to visitor Peter Jensen who is looking to enhance the gear at his studio

Manley has a tradition of "flying the colors" as the background to their tradeshow exhibits, here hosted by Chris Dauray, Vacuum Tube Disciplinarian (left foreground).

Pulse Technologies' Steve Jackson shows the EQP-1A3 Program Equalizer, a faithful recreation of the classic Pultec design.

Radial Engineering's Peter Janis shows off the new chassis (bottom shelf) with components we'll soon describe in our show report

Radial's Primacoustic division has nifty devices on display for isolating mics from nearby unwanted sound sources - simple yet effective:

Royer's new ribbon mic, the R-101, towers in front of VP Rafael Villafane

Shure has an eyecatching display on one side of their large booth area

where we zero in on the red KSM313 Dual-Voice Ribbon Mic and the Premier Bi-Directional Ribbon Mic KSM353:

Sonnox's Rod Densham showing, among others in the extensive line of Oxford Plugins, the 3-part Sonnox Restore suite (DeClicker, DeBuzzer, DeNoiser)

Telefunken has a cheerful crew on hand to welcome visitors to the line of mics shown in front of the logo'd background.

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