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AES 129th Convention - First Encounters

AES 129th Convention - First Encounters

November 5, 2010

Avid makes a big splash with the unveiling of Pro Tools 9, now open to all platforms, with or without an audio interface. Demonstrators Brian Carter, Gil Gowing and Sean Halley very ably made their points. At left, Gil at the board points out the new features.


This one needs explaining—it captures a moment that brought the house down: Sean Halley set out to prove that he could record vocals with Pro Tools 9 needing no interface or mic pre, instead singing directly into the Mac laptop's built-in microphone. Big laughs from the audience. Even bigger laughs when Sean maintained that—no matter how you record vocals—you always have to use a pop screen, and he promptly produced a really big one. This picture shows him putting his theory into action (trust me, even though it is hard to see, black on black—he's holding a pop screen in his right hand...):


The gents at the Cloud microphones booth are, from left to right, visiting Cloud user Wiley Ross (Recording Studio Coordinator at Univ. of Arizona in Tucson), Fen Ikner, Rodger Cloud, and Brian Green:


At the Josephson Enginering both, across from our own, we found our frequent contributor Scott Dorsey with David Josephson, Melissa McDowell, and Kelly Kay:


Neumann took over the loudspeaker company Klein & Hummel a while back, and the first results are a subwoofer and a small monitor, the KH 120, here proudly posing with Neumann President Wolfgang Fraissinet:


and here being introduced by Product Manager Andrew Goldberg:


Purple Audio's Andrew Roberts (in—what else—purple shirt) and our frequent contributor Paul Vnuk:


Peter Janis, President of Radial Engineering (Radial, Primacoustic, Tonebone, Forest Audio) makes a point:


Jon Ulrigg of ShinyBox (ribbon microphones and studio electronics) saw this photo and instantly made the connection between his company name and the reflections on—as he put it—his shiny box. Some things are meant to be...


Sony's Karl Kussmaul (2nd from left) and the Sony booth where the portable M-10 recorder finds a lot of interest:

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