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November 3, 2010

...and the pre-show announcements keep coming. It looks like this will be a b-u-s-y show, get out the runners’ shoes and grease the roller skates. First some events that the AES is putting on, then some more exhibitor company announcements.


High Resolution Computer Audio: Keith O. Johnson - Computers, TVs and mobile devices are functionally merging into preferred media systems. But, their increasingly complex sonic changes may not correlate to digital accuracy or traditional analog measurement. This presentation may be helpful in the creation of high-quality systems with perceptual audio effects and advanced features that add to the computing task.

Hybrid Mixing; A Step-By-Step Class On Mixing The All-American Rejects’ Hit Single, Gives You Hell: Eric Valentine -will discuss the techniques, plug-ins, outboard gear and external summing used in the process. The session will conclude with an opportunity for participants to improve on the finished version.

Perception and Subjective Evaluation of Audio Signals:  David Griesinger will focus on performance acoustics in large and small venues, and demonstrate a new neural mechanism able to detect direct sound (DS) as separate from reverberation. 

DSP - Why so hard?  Peter Eastty explores why audio DSP programming is so hard when the algorithms are so simple. Many unique audio processors have been developed to address this issue, and a variety of useful general principles applicable to future DSP design will be discussed.


Networking for Audio Applications: Kevin Gross - Computer networks, e.g. Ethernet and IP, are now common means of distributing audio within a facility and over distance. Participants will be introduced to terminology, technologies, standards, design, configuration and troubleshooting concepts. 

iPhone Sound Design - Lessons Learned: Jeff Essex - A comprehensive review of factors, strategies and tools for getting the best iPhone audio performance

The iPod Generation – Audio Artifacts the Consumer is Listening To: Ian Corbett -Common artifacts created by a variety of current music download and dissemination formats will be presented, analyzed and discussed along with consumer awareness (or lack thereof), and signs that “better” is on the way.

ImmersAV - "Infinite-Channel" Surround Sound with HD Video-A New Entertainment Format: Robert B. Schulein - The synergy of binaural audio and high definition video represents a significant trend. This tutorial will address the elements of creating such productions from an artistic, and technical perspective. 

Equalization, Are You Getting The Most Out Of This Humble Effect? Alex U. Case- EQ becomes more intuitive with a deeper understanding of its parameters, types and technologies. This presentation offers a routine for applying EQ and strategies for its use.

Managing Tinnitus As a Working Audio Professional: Neil Cherian, MD - Significant sound exposure, with or without hearing loss, is the common risk factor for Tinnitus, which can significantly impair quality of life and, auditory perception. Methods audio professionals can use to manage Tinnitus in their careers will be discussed.


Damping Room Low-Frequency Acoustics (Passive & Active): Reza Kashani, Jim Wischmeyer

Loudspeaker and Headphones - Diagnostics of Sound Radiation: Wolfgang Klippel

Spatial Audio Reproduction - From Theory to Production: Frank Melchior

Comparative Listening - What Can We Really Hear?: Eric Valentine

Analysis and Modeling of the dbx 902 De-esser: Aaron Wishnick 

Do-It-Yourself Semantic Audio: Joern Loviscach

“Tutorials and Master Classes provide an invaluable opportunity for sharing information on functionality shifts in our communal environment,” remarked Convention Co-Chair, Valerie Tyler. “Vene Garcia and Cooke have developed a masterful program designed to provide attendees with real-world solutions, and considerable food for thought.  We greatly appreciate the time and energy they have devoted to this effort.” 

A Preliminary Calendar of events including comprehensive Master Class and Tutorial abstracts is posted at:

Mastering legend and frequent AES Convention Platinum Mastering Panel moderator Bob Ludwig reports that renowned engineer and disc-cutting expert Doug Sax will play selections from a variety of his state-of-the-art direct-to-disk recordings during the panel on Friday, Nov. 5, 2:00PM - 4:00PM (Room 134).  Joining Ludwig and Sax is guru Michael Fremer, producer of 21st Century Vinyl: Michael Fremer's Practical Guide to Turntable Set-Up DVD. He will screen archival videos of how lacquers are made, and a rare clip revealing his process of cutting the vinyl master to the hit Genesis album "Invisible Touch."


Brainstorm products will be on display at the booth of plus24, the latest version of the Brainstorm DCD-8 Audio/Video Clock Generator with VSG-4 and CX-4 expansion modules (more), as well as the legacy Brainstorm Time-Code Products. Booth 501.

Harman International, at booth #1001, will be showcasing, among others:

Studer Vista 9 

JBL LSR Studio Monitors

AKG Perception Wireless Microphones

Soundcraft SiCompact

Crown Comtech Drivecore

RTW will have on display its TouchMonitor series, a cutting-edge approach to metering and monitoring. The TouchMonitor TM7, with a seven-inch touch screen and the TouchMonitor TM9, with a nine-inch touch screen, will be on display at RTW’s booth 1815.

Sanken microphones will be on display at the booth of plus24, the complete line of classic and new Sanken Studio and Field and Microphones, booth 501. 

TASCAM will be at booth 909, showing its extensive line of recording gear, with the recent addition of the portable DR-03 recorder, and the TG-7 and TC-8 tuners that have been announced for release in December.

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