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Editor's Welcome!

November 7, 2008

Change, does the word even still have a real meaning in the real world, away from politicians and pundits? For us, and for you, the reader of Recording, it sure does - just look around and see what has changed!

A lot of work has gone into our new site, and we are celebrating its launch with a contest that you should not ignore. May the luckiest entrants win, and may you be one of them!

While on the site, look around. You’ll find a resources section with articles from past issues—lots and lots of them, grouped by topics. So if you’re stuck in your work, take a break and read what our contributors have said about the topic that interests you. You will realize, once again, that there are very few hard and fast rules in recording—you’ll pick from the many solutions that have been suggested by our diverse group of contributors over time.

If you wonder about the meaning of a certain term, check our glossary. The website is a living and breathing thing, we’ll keep expanding it, so if your term is not there, let us know so we can make sure it will be included at the next update. And please be in touch, for that or any other reason, we like to hear what’s on your mind!

You won’t find all the content of every monthly issue on the site as it comes out in print. We still put out a real magazine that you can take on the bus, leave on your studio’s coffee table, and that your dog can chew up. The magazine and the website will complement each other, more so than in the past, and many more articles will be accompanied by web content for you to look at, listen to, and download. Together, the magazine and the website will keep doing what we have always been about: Help the recording musician make better recordings.

Speaking of downloads—with the upcoming December issue we close out Mark Hornsby’s hugely popular series “Song Production in Pro Tools”. The 12th instalment brings the song to the mastering stage—if you haven’t gotten there yet, download the files from past issues and you can still catch up. Mark won’t be leaving the scene—look for his contributions in the January 209 issue!

If you’re in a learning mode, study John Shirley’s revised and revisited Beginners’ Series. It was a hit when we first printed it some years ago, and we bet that it will be a hit again in its new medium. Deep knowledge and good techniques just don’t change in audio, only the gear does. John’s teaching experience (you may call him Professor Shirley, he won’t mind...) shows, and we all benefit.

So—welcome to the new site!

Lorenz Rychner

3 Responses to Editor's Welcome!

Steve Bonaccorsi says

November 15, 2008 at 8:21 am

I'm enjoying your new wensite. Nicely done. I'll be cutting through the site and trying to get comfortable with all the features, and building my Christmas list based on the Advertisers. One question....the Readers Tapes now only play songs from 2008 forward. Have we lost the song archives prior to 2008? or are they somewhere on the site? Steve.

Kevin Haller says

November 15, 2008 at 11:10 am

Congrats on the new website. Intelligent architecture, easy to navigate, and good content. I have already bookmarked...

Justin Peacock says

November 15, 2008 at 12:16 pm

@Steve Bonaccorsi: Over time we'll try to get more of the old Readers Tapes up, so keep checking back! Glad you like the site. Justin@Recording

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