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Recording Guitar

These instructional videos explore choices and techniques for miking and recording guitars. Make sure the audio playback system you use provides you the best audio quality possible to receive the full benefit of the tutorials.
Presents different tonal combinations from blending mics: Audix D6,  Sennheiser e604, Electro-Voice RE320, with time alignment as shown in Part 3. Also introduced into the mix: Signals from DI boxes. Demonstrates reamping techniques, with a vintage 1969 Ampeg B15 Portaflex amp and a Radial ProRMP...
Blending and time-aligning mic combinations. DI signals, reamping with a vintage 1969 Ampeg B15 Portaflex amp.
By Michael Schulze and Lorenz Rychner
Introducing reamping techniques, and adding DI (Direct Input) signals with a Radial JCR Studio Reamper, getting new tones from a different amp, a 1959 Gibson Explorer, than the Fender amp used to record the first-generation tracks. Also introduced: A Shure KSM44 (large-dual-diaphragm, multi-patte...
Reamping for new tones from a vintage 1959 Gibson Explorer amp. Adding an ambient figure-eight room mic, and an impedance-adjusting Tonebone Dragster.
By Michael Schulze and Lorenz Rychner
Moving on from recording with two mics for a mono blend, as shown in videos 3 and 4, to recording in true stereo with a matched pair of mics. Demonstrates near-coincident and coincident (X/Y) miking, with a pair of Shure KSM 141 condensers, in <a href=cardioid. Compares sound resulting from different pla..." width="200" height="120" border="0" />
Matched pair for stereo miking, near-coincident and X/Y.
By Michael Schulze and Lorenz Rychner

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