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“Be truthful—again it’s the question of personal integrity. You have to be a little bit obsessive, and you have to know what you’re doing. But after that’s all done, you put the driver in charge as being your soul, your emotion, your gut, your intuition.”- Wendy Carlos

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What DAW do you use?


Getting heavy, rocking tones...
By Frank Gryner
How many sounds can you get with only three mics and the same amp?
By Michael Schulze
Making the most of your spaces when recording guitar at home...
By Fernando Curiel
Tips for better sounding guitar tracks...
By John Fishell
Recording the live amp after the fact...
By Darwin Grosse
Short on $10,000 microphones to record guitars? Then start here...
By Darwin Grosse
The basics of capturing the electric guitar.
By Jon Bare
Cool tricks for getting unusual electric pickup sounds...
By Ray Legnini
Common problems and solutions when recording electric guitar
By Paul Stamler
Dealing with guitar hums and buzzes--over the phone.
By Jon Bare

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